Here’s what a $100 doughnut looks like

Humans love doughnuts, because doughnuts are delicious. Simple as that. It also doesn’t hurt that doughnuts are a relatively inexpensive on-the-go breakfast and/or dessert option for people with a sweet tooth.

Back in the day, there were only a handful of solid doughnuts shops in existence, but over the last few years (or, let’s be real, decade), doughnuts have become a serious craze. Restaurants compete to create the newest, weirdest, most delicious donut ever — like gelato donuts, donuts covered in fruit loops and bacon-filled donuts. Just to name a few (this list could go on for days).

But one restaurant in Brooklyn, NY is winning for the most unique. . . and expensive doughnut we’ve ever seen. The Manila Social Club has created doughnuts that are selling for $100 each. That’s right. One hundred dollars for a circle of fried dough. And that doesn’t even include the hole.

We know what you’re thinking. If a doughnut is $100, it’s gotta be made out of gold, right?


Manila Social Club’s $100 gold-ube doughnut was created by Bjorn DelaCruz and Peter Kappa and is literally smothered in edible 24k gold and Cristal champagne icing.

Ah, OK. The $100 is making some sense now (not a LOT of sense, but sense).

The doughnut itself is made from ube, which is a purple yam that grows naturally in the Philippines. So we’re saying the doughnut is basically a vegetable.

The glamorous donut is brown on the outside, bright purple on the inside and is filled with Cristal and ube leaf. It has a sweet, vanilla-like flavor.

Samuel Ware, one of the owners of the restaurant (and DelaCruz’s brother) says they doughnuts are pricey for a reason (and not just because they’re made out of gold and champagne).

“Our doughnuts are made through a painstaking process. They’re handmade, hand-piped and hand-fried,” Ware told HelloGiggles.

And doughnut lovers can’t get enough of them. According to Ware, people aren’t just buying one doughnut at a time, some are buying them by the dozens. In case you don’t feel like doing math, that’s $1,200 for 12 doughnuts.

If you’d like to try a $100 doughnut (honestly, who wouldn’t?) and happen to have an extra $100 to spend, you can place an order any day throughout the week.

“We make the doughnuts every Friday morning,” Ware said. “If you order a dozen, we’ll deliver them anywhere in the tri-state area.”

If you’re not in the tri-state area, you may just have to settle for regular jelly-filled donuts — which will still be delicious (because doughnuts), just a tad less fancy.

(Image via Instagram.)