This 10-year-old reporter stumped NFL players with her killer questions

Ten-year-old Isabella Day is a force to be reckoned with – one that leaves NFL players trembling in her wake.

Why? Because even at her tender age, Day is not shy about her opinions or her hard-hitting questions. In fact, she’s as tough an interviewer as you’ll see. Don’t believe us? Consider this. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sunday Night Football, NBC asked the 10-year-old (get it? Since both are 10 years old?) to interview several of the League’s players. Trust us – she did not disappoint.

Isabella starts slow. She asks them what they eat on game day and what their ideal superpower would be. Along the way, she writes their answers in a purple composition notebook. Classic.

Then… she proves that just because they tower above her, that doesn’t mean that these players should underestimate her skills. “Enough small talk,” she states, preparing the sportsmen for an interview they won’t forget.

She begins by asking quarterback Andrew Luck this doozy: “Are spread offenses to blame for the small number of quarterbacks being selected in this year’s draft?” Luck’s response:  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

As for wide receiver Dez Bryant, he responds with “Um. Good question.”

“Do you think larger and faster linebackers are causing more teams to use a 3-4 defense?” she wonders.  We don’t know about you, but she has us cheering for her on the sidelines!

Out of the eight players she interviewed, only one gave her a serious answer: wide receiver and return specialist Antonio Brown. He even earned an “Alright!” from Isabella herself.

Based on running back DeMarco Murray’s answer to her last question – “What’s your favorite memory from playing on Sunday night?” – she really left him stumped. So stumped that he claims his favorite memory is when the Cowboys beat the Eagles to go to the playoffs. The catch: he is currently playing for the Eagles. AWKWARD.

In the end, it isn’t the NFL Players we’re impressed with. It’s Isabella Day. Even though she literally has to look up when questioning the interviewees, it’s safe to say that she left them looking up to her.

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