This 10-year-old girl is pretty much our hero of the week

I want to be Yesenia Diosdada when I grow up. This 10-year-old rockstar heard a weird noise, saw paramedics trying to rescue a hearing impaired woman who had been injured in a car accident, and immediately knew she had to help. Yesenia was playing in her yard near the scene of the accident, and when she saw the lady in the car couldn’t communicate with first-responders, she knew she could help with the emergency situation.

Yesenia, the cutest good Samaritan ever, told a Kansas City news station (she lives in Kansas City FYI), “I saw that she was signing, so I decided to go help. I was really nervous.” No one in her family is deaf, but that didn’t stop her civic-minded mother from teaching Yesenia and her sisters to sign, just in case this special skill was ever needed in a pinch. As Yesenia’s mother told their local news outlet, “I have always explained to my kids that even though you may never use it, the importance of sign language is everywhere.” 

Yesenia’s mom is totally right, and thanks to Yesenia’s quick thinking (and awesome knowledge) the victim was able to get to the hospital much faster — the paramedics, who didn’t know sign language, didn’t have to figure out an alternative mode of communication — and get the help she needed. This 10 year old is wracking up more karma points than most of us do our whole lives.

The universe took note of her thoughtfulness, and Captain Chris Winger of the Johnson County Med-Act company did too. He surprised her this week with a medal and certificate of thanks at Rising Star Elementary School. Winger told the news, “It was awesome, (it’s) kind of nice in today’s world to have someone so young have such a huge impact.”

Yesenia is a beautiful reminder of how we should all be living, and helping one another to live too.

Check out her version of the story:

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