This 10-year-old girl who escaped an alligator attack is an IRL hero

Imagine going for a dip in a lake only to become entangled with an alligator. That frightening scenario is one that a 10-year-old girl recently survived, and the way she managed to escape the alligator attack is completely blowing our minds.

Apparently, the little girl in question was playing in shallow waters in the designated swimming area of Florida’s Lake Mary Jane on Saturday afternoon with her family when a nearly 9-feet-long alligator bit her on the leg.

As ABC News reports, the little girl pried open the gator’s mouth to free her leg. Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said in a statement that she repeatedly poked the large aquatic reptile in the nose before opening its mouth. Apparently, she learned this trick during a visit to Gatorland, an Orlando theme park and wildlife preserve.

WFTV Julie Salomone reporter shared the photo of the visibly wounded gator on Twitter, writing,

"We just got this photo of the gator that bit the 10 yr old. The alligator was caught by a trapper."

Although she was able to free her leg from the alligator’s grip, commission officials said the 10-year-old sustained puncture wounds to her lower thigh and the back of her knee. Family members transported her to an area children’s hospital where she received 10 stitches to treat her injuries, and she has reportedly been released.

According to FOX43, there has been some speculation around the little girl’s ability to open the alligator’s mouth, with experts suggesting that the animal voluntarily released its grip instead.

Regardless, we’re relieved and super impressed that the little girl had the presence of mind to react quickly. Here’s to wishing her a speedy recovery.