10-Year-Old Girl Buys Bulletproof Vest for Police K9

A 10-year-old girl from Palmer, MA donated all of her birthday money in order to buy a police dog named Ryker a bulletproof vest. SO AWESOME, right? Allison Henry managed to raise enough money – nearly $1,000 – for the K9 officer, who works for the Holyoke Police Department.

From WTVR:

As a result, Allison decided that instead of birthday presents this year, she would ask for donations to help get Ryker a vest.

“I just feel that a dog should be safe, because I really like animals,” Allison said.

Holyoke Police Chief James Neiswanger thanked Allison for the donation during a special ceremony Thursday and said he was impressed the girl was making such a positive impact at such a young age.

What a lovely gesture – I’m sure Ryker will appreciate it.

You can watch Allison talk about her donation below: