10 Worst (Or Best?) On-Air News Gaffes

To me, it seems like a news broadcast is a ticking time bomb. It’s an accident waiting to happen! There are kooky guests, green screens, teleprompters and the notion that you can’t drop the f-bomb if you mess any of it up. Every once and a while, a link gets passed around of a ridiculous interview or a silly segment where an animal poops on an anchor. Usually, these are from local broadcasts, but CNN is really making a run for “Best Screw Up” these days.

When a news anchor messes up, sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s cringeworthy. And sometimes, it’s just sad. If we’re lucky, it’s all three of those things, and there’s proof of it on YouTube. In no particular order, check out these awful(ly hilarious) on-air news gaffes!

CNN Anchors Hold Split Screen Satellite Interview in Same Parking Lot
Ashleigh Banfield and Nancy Grace made it seem like they were reporting from different locations, when really they were both in a parking lot in Phoenix. They had the ‘I can’t hear you!’ and the ‘What was that?’ hand motions down and everything. Watch the clip and you’ll see the same cars passing behind each woman.


NBC Anchor Curses On Air
[NSFW LANGUAGE] Step one: curse on air. Step two: get fired. AJ Clemente had the chance to apologize and explain himself on The Today Show, but I imagine it’s hard to come back from being “that guy” on YouTube. This is almost as painful as the “And boom goes the dynamite” kid. Almost.


Fox Reports the Boston Marathon Bombings Suspect is Zooey Deschanel
While there was speculation surrounding the identity of the Boston Marathon Bomber, we knew one thing for sure – it wasn’t Zooey Deschanel. But according to the closed captioning on Dallas-Fort Worth’s Fox affiliate, it was.

ABC Anchor: ‘I So Pale’

A classic. As a top YouTube commenter says: “this will never not be funny.” In all honesty, I admire how she manages to keep her composure. If I was the blonde one, I would have lost it and just laughed and laughed. (I’m a great friend.)


CTV Vancouver Island Anchor Misuses ‘Canoodle’
I’m not 100% convinced he didn’t know he was saying. Mostly because at the end, he says “Get me off… camera.” But she rejects him like a pro.


CBS2 Anchor Serene Branson Butchers Grammys Broadcast
Thank goodness she wasn’t having a stroke. Serene was later diagnosed with complex migraines, so that explains her complete confusion. Even though she wasn’t well, I think this video is still pretty funny.


CNN Anchor Covers Hurricane Sandy, Gets Videobombed
Because this list wouldn’t be complete without a storm reporter fail. Storm footage gets old quickly, especially during a tragic event that devastated so many, so at least this clip can make us laugh. These guys had perfect timing.


Fox 13 Weatherman is Excited
This list also wouldn’t be complete without a wacky weatherman. Or a joke about male genitalia.


Channel 11 Anchor Falls Asleep
A 50 degree winter does not interest this news anchor. It put him to sleep! His excuses are amazing.


Reporter Bowled Over By Snow Tuber
You couldn’t even plan this stunt if you tried. And the reporter finishes the segment like a champ, then gets up and walks away.


And, just for good measure… here’s a compilation video of even more gaffes. If you need me, I’ll be clicking on “related videos” for the next six hours.


Featured image via ShutterStock