10 Weird Celebrity Feuds

The original “Aunt Viv” from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is back making media rounds, and apparently still very upset about getting fired from the show… back in 1993. Yes, according to actress Janet Hubert, there has been twenty years of war between herself and Will Smith. She accused him of doing “heinous things” to her on set, and said that they need to reconcile because at this point, they’re only hurting each other’s children. Somehow, we’re having a hard time buying the idea that Jaden and Willow are very heartbroken about Hubert’s bizarre grudge. In honor of the original Aunt Viv’s impassioned outburst, here are Ten Weird Celebrity Feuds.

Anderson Cooper v. Star Jones

The situation is this: Jones criticized Cooper for coming out publicly, claiming he only did it to boost ratings. Cooper lashed out, saying if he’d done it for the ratings, it would have been a huge episode rather than the casual admittance that he was a gay man. He then said his mom (who is a freaking Vanderbilt) asked “Who is Star Jones?” Ouch.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck v. Barry Manilow

When starting to write this piece, I said to myself, “There has GOT to be at least one really great feud involving Elizabeth Hasselbeck.” And lo and behold, there was. Apparently, Manilow took exception with Hasselbeck’s politics, and refused to perform on The View if she was present. He never did.

Chris Brown v. …Everybody

Seriously, at this point, who hasn’t Chris Brown been pissed at? The infamous brawling with Drake, the time he Twitter-rampaged against comedian Jenny Johnson, his fight with Frank Ocean and his feud with the queen of everything, Oprah herself. But perhaps the oddest object of Brown’s fury is country star Miranda Lambert. She criticized the decision to let him perform at the Grammys, scant years after his assault of Rihanna, saying that she believed it was “not cool” to act like his violent beating of a woman “didn’t happen.” Brown took the route of responding via Twitter-spree, saying that his Grammy was the ultimate “f**k off” to his haters. Yes, because winning an award for your music totally erases your checkered past as a violently abusive person. I mean, at some point, maybe he’ll realize “it’s not you, it’s me” in regards to taking offense at every person who criticizes him, but we’re not holding our breath.

Vanilla Ice v. Justin Bieber

Can we call this a feud, technically, if all that transpired was Vanilla Ice criticizing the longevity of the Bieb’s career? Aside from the delicious irony that is Vanilla Ice critiquing anyone’s career, apparently everyone’s favorite baby-faced crooner never responded to Ice’s burn (sorry I’m not sorry, that pun was unstoppable).  But the Bielibers came out in force against good ole V-Ice and therefore, an ultimate decision has been reached: it’s a feud.

Rita Ora v. Rob Kardashian

These two had a fearsome feud indeed. The details are messy, but the lone male Kardashian accused Rita of cheating on him when the two were dating. Rather than refute his claims, Ora mocked him openly on Twitter. Gross insults about sex were traded back and forth. Nobody’s voting for these two to get back together anytime soon.

Elton John v. Madonna

This one has been widely-publicized and lasted ages. But the weird part is… why? Sir Elton is the knight apparent of classic pop, and Madonna… well, she’s doing her own thing, and is legendary in her own right. It’s just strange that the two of them found themselves at odds, so often, and for so many years.

Donald Trump v. Rosie O’Donnell

Against all odds, Rosie actually started this one. She criticized the Trumpster for his handling of a Miss USA pageant scandal, and in return, he did what Donald Trump can always be counted on to do. Taking the mature route? Not so for this billionaire. He called her a “big, fat pig.” Way to check off every item on the list of qualifications for Sexist Billionaire 101.

Eminem v. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is perhaps famous for her diva-like behavior that often results in feuds with fellow celebs, but the onus for this event is all on Eminem. The details? He claimed they had a sexual relationship, and she was basically like, Ew, no, never happened. The spiral has resulted in several call-outs of each other in respective song releases. Methinks these two need to go at it Glee style and have an ultimate sing-off to decide who forever gets the last word.

Kourtney Kardashian v. Teen Mom Cast member

So this one Teen Mom cast member tweeted a cry of dismay upon learning the elder Kardash was pregnant once more, asking, “Has she learned nothing from the show?” Somehow, Kourtney failed to connect how getting pregnant at 32 and while super rich was at all related to the plight the girls face on Teen Mom, and she said as much on Twitter. Things culminated in this Teen Mom saying that she wished Kourt would spend more time with her kids than working on her fame. Pot? Kettle? Who’s to say.

Drake Bell v. Justin Bieber

Poor Biebs just can’t catch a break. This time, it started with Drake Bell tweeting sarcastically about what Bieber brings to the songwriting process, and in response to the outcry from Beliebers, he posted a Twitter-rant. Included in his jabs? Laughing at Bieber’s height, his stage-makeup, and how Bell can’t tell the difference between photos of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Keep it classy, Drake Bell. Keep it classy.

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