10 Ways To Know You Are In Love (For Sure)

Today, in honor of being on my honeymoon with the love of my life, I felt compelled to compile this list. The thing about love is that it makes you second guess yourself all the time. Perspective is near impossible. Are you wondering if what you are feeling is the real thing? Well, if you answer yes to some or all of these questions, it probably is! Since there is no way I can speak directly to the gender of your potential paramour, for convenience’s sake, I will call him/her the PIQ (Person In Question).

  1. If you cannot go for more than 10 minutes, whether you are performing open heart surgery or are in a 7th grade math class, without thinking about the PIQ, you are In Love.
  2. If you believe that the PIQ smells so divine, even after they have worked out, that their scent could be bottled and sold at Sephora, you are In Love.
  3. If you would be willing to wake up at 5 a.m to drive the PIQ to the airport, park, get out and see them off to the security check point and then drive home in rush hour traffic, you are In Love.
  4. If the PIQ tells you that you look gorgeous, and you really well and truly believe them (regardless of what you are wearing), you are In Love.
  5. If you are flipping though the radio and happen on a country station and unconsciously put your hand on your heart because you know the lyrics are all about you and the PIQ or what would happen if things don’t work out with the PIQ, you are In Love.
  6. If you can spend a solid week on vacation with the PIQ (even if this means that, for obvious reasons, you aren’t regular in the bathroom department) without being annoyed or irritated by the PIQ, you are In Love.
  7. If you find any opportunity to use the PIQ’s name in a conversation, even with yourself, you are In Love.
  8. If the PIQ is sick and you are not only are willing to play nurse, but to kiss and cuddle the PIQ as well, without even thinking about getting sick yourself, you are In Love.
  9. If you combine all your favorite baby names that you have collected since childhood with the PIQ’s last name, you are In Love.
  10. You used to fantasize about Brad Pitt, Don Draper, your neighbour and even your local barista who somehow managed to look both sexy and bored. Now, you can only imagine yourself with your PIQ even in your daydreams, you are In Love.

This week we are being a bit silly on the Heatley Cliff, and doing a little world building. Click on the podcast if you want a good laugh!

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