10 Ways To Celebrate Your Galentine’s Day

Many thanks to Leslie Knope for creating a holiday that all ladies could appreciate – Galentine’s Day! The best day of the year! It’s like Lilith Fair, without the angst, plus frittatas! Taking place the day before Valentine’s Day, it’s the best time to celebrate your lady friends – whether they’re single, married, or “it’s complicated”.

While your own celebration probably won’t include the retelling of the story about Marlene Knope falling in love with a lifeguard that that saved her from drowning in 1968, and even though crushed bottle portraits of your friends based on their favorite soda might lead to personal injury, here are (safer) ways you can celebrate the day.

1. Did someone say Benihana?

I’m sure you’ve definitely heard of Benihana before. Pretty much, your dinner is a show. And if you don’t have a big group, you often need to sit by strangers. While it’s nice to branch out and eat flying shrimp with others, it’s even better if you’re surrounded by your closest gals. Since Benihana isn’t a place one frequents often (at least, I hope not) gathering here for a dinner and some fun will be a memorable, special event.

2. Gift your friends these totally adorable Galentine’s Day cards.

Made by WittyKittyCreations over on Etsy, they’re absolutely perfect. Each set comes with 5 cards along with their own envelopes. At $7.25 per set, they’re more personalized (and cheaper!) than anything you can find at the store.

3. Invite your friends over for breakfast for dinner.

Sure, Leslie’s festivities began during breakfast, but breakfast for dinner is one of my most favorite concepts ever. Plus, all of your friends can help out. Put someone on the egg station, make sure someone brings their waffle iron, have somebody buy 9 cans of whipped cream, and you’re done!

4. Do some research on your favorite historical female.

Leslie’s favorite is a mixture of Condoleezza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Madeline Albright. Share your findings with your group, and tell them why they’re super inspiring. Nobody said you can’t learn a thing or two on Galentine’s Day!

5. Don’t forget the power of a mixed CD.

Pick out songs that you think your best girls will truly appreciate. To celebrate women even further, consider adding songs from your favorite female singers. If you want to really channel Leslie, add a bunch of the hits from Sarah McLachlan‘s CD Surfacing. (And while you’re doing that, remind yourself how solid that CD truly is. It’s practically a Greatest Hits album.)

6. One phrase – Ovaries before Brovaries.

Consider giving your gal pals this pin, available from Etsy selled QuidProQuote, so they’ll never forget. Sometimes pinback buttons can be a great reminder that your relationship with your girlfriends beats all others.

7. Manicures and pedicures.

Yeah, it might seem a bit cliche, but getting your nails done is totally therapeutic. Plus, you get a ton of time to chat while the polish dries. Consider a bright and cheerful color, you beautiful tropical fish.

8. Find a group project on Pinterest and craft together.

If you want a proper Galentine’s Day, you have to do something crafty. Remember in 7th grade when you learned how to make patchwork pillows? Dust off your sewing machine, buy some stuffing and fabric, and make something super useful that’ll remind you of the day for years to come! (Just don’t do corn husk dolls. They might turn out wrong, and look like monsters.)

9. Consider marathoning a bunch of girl-friendly movies.

You can watch The Notebook alone and cry, or you can watch it with your best female friends who’ll remind you that while it’s a sad film, Ryan Gosling is really nice to look at. Or you can watch it with a guy, who won’t understand it at all. Get girly, and don’t be ashamed.

10. Bake some cookies.

Sure, a lot of these are food related – but so are most holidays, if you think about it. Wedding photographer Tea Ho celebrated Galentine’s Day last year with some sugar cookies and tea. According to Tea, doilies and strawberries are a must. Check out her pictures for some amazing inspiration. Before you bake, think about creating a very special cookie that doesn’t scream “Christmas”. Maybe something you’d only consider baking on February 13th.

How are you celebrating this year?

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