10 Ways To Avoid Going Crazy Waiting For Spring

You guys, winter is still happening.  Having survived my first major snow this week, I have no idea how people in the really cold areas are dealing.  According to the groundhog and the calendar, we’ve only got about four weeks left ’til spring arrives, but those of us in colder climates know the grim reality is things might not really clear up ’til mid-April.  At this point, you might be completely tired of sleds and snowmen and cute sweaters, you’re just ready for the whole thing to be over.  Here are some ways to avoid going crazy while you wait for spring to finally grace us with its presence:

1. Buy a spring dress.

Head to the mall (or online shop if it’s too cold to go out, which it probably is), and look for the most pastel, most frilly, most floral dress you can find.  When you open your closet to select yet another sweater, that dress will be there, reminding you that spring, and occasions to wear it, are on the way.

2. Get a plant.

Remember plants?  Of course you don’t, they’ve been buried under snow for the past few months.  There’s nothing bleaker than a grey world covered in snow, and nothing more exciting than when you see the first daffodil shoots poke up from the ground to remind you that spring is coming, or at least there wasn’t when I was a kid and we had a yard with a garden.  You can replicate some of that magic in your tiny apartment by buying a plant.  If you’re the low commitment type, just go for some flowers at the grocery store to perk up your home for a few days, or if you’re willing to take on a project, get a real plant that you can care for, and having something green and alive in your home will remind you that spring is coming, eventually.

3. Stock up on Easter candy.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, which means stores are now stocking Easter candy.  Sure, you could wait until actual Easter to eat it, but by that point, it’s going to be stale.  Better to buy some and start eating it now, and let the combination of bright candy colors and too much sugar perk you up.

4. Spring clean yourself.

You know how you haven’t shaved your legs since December since you’ve been wearing tights or pants since then?  Maybe it’s time to break out your razor in preparation for the times when your skin might see the sun again.  It’s also a great time to exfoliate and get rid of gross winter dry skin, or treat yourself to a pedicure to get your toes ready for when open toed shoes once again become a viable wardrobe option.

5. Finish your winter to-do list.

You said you were going to go ice skating or learn to knit or finally try that awesome sounding hot cocoa recipe.  This is pretty much your last chance, so get on it!  Working on your winter to-dos will make you feel like the final weeks of winter are an exciting last chance, rather than a miserable slog.

6. Have an indoor picnic.

So you can’t go outside.  That’s no reason that you can’t enjoy a picnic in the comfort of your own home.  Throw a blanket on the floor, make your favorite picnic foods, and invite friends over to join in on the fun.  (This also makes a great party idea if you’ve just moved into a new place and haven’t gotten around to getting furniture yet.)

7. Binge watch everything.  

As soon as the temperature gets above 50 and you can see the sun again, you’re going to want to go outside and enjoy it.   This means you should watch all of those shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on now.  Seriously, it’s kind of weird to be sitting inside on a gorgeous spring day and watching something incredibly dark like House of Cards.  Believe me, I’ve done it.  Get your TV watching in now so you can enjoy the nice weather when it arrives.

8. Plan your spring activities.

Have you been meaning to visit a friend but are putting off road tripping until the weather clears up?  Are you dying to learn to kayak but all bodies of water are frozen over?  Start planning out fun spring activities and it’ll feel like spring is almost here.

9. Throw a tea party.  

Somehow, this just screams spring to me, even if the weather outside says otherwise.  Have your friends dress up in their frilliest dresses and serve crustless sandwiches and tiny pastries on floral patterned plates.  If nothing else, the tea will warm you up.

10. Get a bunny.

If you really need a distraction from how gross winter is, there’s nothing more effective than having a living thing to take care of, and what’s more springy than an adorable bunny rabbit?  (I’m kidding.  Please don’t get a pet to distract you from winter boredom.  If you must get a living thing, have it be a plant.)

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