10 ways Full House changed pop culture forever

Fuller House is already a big deal. For those of us who grew up in the late 80s/early 90s, the now “original” Full House was a staple of our every week. More than likely we were the same age as one of the Tanner children — whether oldest DJ, middle-child Stephanie, or baby Michelle — and could relate to whatever they were going through. So knowing these old friends are moving into a brand new house fills us with only the best kind of feels. It’s not even nostalgia, it’s more like WE’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

If you happened to miss Full House during its original run — and haven’t yet discovered its magic via all the seasons on DVD or binge-watching Nick at Nite — you’ve gotta brush up on just how amazing it was to appreciate this exciting reboot. Well, for starters, it changed our pop culture landscape drastically and it wasn’t even trying to, it just happened. And it was glorious. Here are just some of the things we’re still talking about today — and will talk about forever, or at least until Fuller House premiers.

Because it gave us  John Stamos

Have mercy. As a youngin, maybe the full magic of John Stamos wasn’t apparent (at ages like, 9-15). But then we grew up and we realized how amazing Uncle Jesse really was, because John Stamos is basically a gift from the heavens. He was a rocker/DJ/devoted and loving husband. He once sang the lyric, “If every word I said could make you laugh / I’d talk forever.”  Yes, that is a true relationship goal. Also, that hair.

Because they went to Disney World

Do you realize how cool it was to go to Disney World as a TV show in the 90s? Like, you had MADE IT as a TV show if you were allowed to pack up production and go film a very special episode at Disney World. That’s not the only thing about Full House and Disney, though. DJ’s boyfriend, Steve, voiced Aladdin. Aladdin! This hereby made DJ the coolest girl in the world, becasue she was actually dating a Disney prince (OK, not in real life, but it still counted a lot).

Because it recreated a “traditional” family

TV twenty years ago was vastly different. Just about every single show had a mom and a dad and some kids and a dog. Full House didn’t have that. Instead, it had a single father, trying to raise his three daughters, and he invited his best friends to come along and help. Then those best friends went out and had lives too, and everyone lived together under the same roof. It was a crazy idea back then, but it worked. And now, in today’s time, that idea doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. Actually, that idea sounds like an incredibly and incredibly supportive family setup. Can we move in, too?

Because it gave us something to talk about

Full House had catchphrases. Raise you hand if you still say those catchphrases today. Michelle said, “you got it, dude. Stephanie said, “how rude!” Uncle Jesse said, “watch the hair!!” Uncle Joe said, “cut. it. out.” DJ said, “oh mylanta!”Kimmy said “whoa, baby!” You still say these things all the time.

Because it gave us the BEST sitcom dad

Danny Tanner is the end all be all of sitcom dads. He is the epitome of them. All other sitcom dads need to look up to him, and try to learn his ways. He raised three wonderful and beautiful daughters all by himself (OK, he had lots of help) but he never let anything frazzle him. He was always there for them no matter what. All other sitcom dads wish they could be just like Danny Tanner. Bow down.

Because it made friendship and family equally important

It feels like a lot of TV shows put a divide between the kids and the adults in the family, you know? Like, they all can’t interact and have the same problems at any given time, they’ve got to be completely separate. Full House wasn’t like that. If someone had a problem on Full House, the whole family carried the burden of that problem. Even Kimmy! Kimmy who was often openly disliked by the family (all in jest) was a part of this bigger Tanner family.

Because it gave us very special episodes like no other

What’s your favorite very special Full House episode? Mine is the one where Stephanie and Michelle accidentally get on a plane to New Zealand. Or the one where DJ accidentally helps a patient with Alzheimer escape their nursing home. Or even the series finale, where Michelle gets amnesia. All of these are very special.

Because it handled tough situations very well

Different from those ‘very special’ episodes where you KNEW a lesson was coming at the end, Full House also tackled just plain and simple life situations. Stephanie felt peer-pressured to smoke. DJ and Kimmy fought about drinking and driving. Even the adults got into the mix, too, with new jobs, difficult life choices, and even falling in love. Danny dated Vicky (his Wake Up! San Francisco co-star) but after she got a new job elsewhere, they decided against a long distance relationship. That’s a very adult thing to do, and the show handled it without making a joke about it. Not too many other sitcoms back then were willing to go for something serious without trying to make light of the situation at the same time.

Because their house had two staircases

Pre-1987 houses only had one staircase leading to the second floor. Full House changed architecture, too.*

*um not true, but as a child I dreamed of a house with TWO staircases.


How has Full House influenced pop culture? Well, we’re still talking about it, right? We’re all going to suspiciously call into work sick the day it drops on Netflix, right? We’ve missed our old familiar friends.

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