10 Usain Bolt memes that prove the internet really can’t help itself

On Sunday night in Rio, track and field star Usain Bolt literally ran away with the gold medal for the 100-meter race, making him the first person in history to accomplish that feat for the third consecutive Olympic games. As expected, Bolt received the expected standing ovation from the crowd as well as an overwhelming amount of support from a gathering of fans watching from Jamaica (and we’re sure Bolt’s mom was somewhere crying tears of joy).

However, no celebration of this magnitude is complete without the meme treatment from the internet, which collectively lost its mind over Bolt’s latest Olympic win.

The first memes began after Bolt breezed through the semi-finals race, crossing the line with a smile on his face.

One would think that the wind velocity would prevent his facial muscles from forming a smile at that pace, but we’re guessing those rules don’t apply to the fastest man on the planet.

Here’s proof that he can definitely check out his competition and still get the win:





Well done, internet. You are indeed the Usain Bolt of fast meme generation.

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