10 Underrated Qualities That Are Ridiculously Attractive

When I was little, my dad advised me not to chase the cutest or most popular boys my age, as looks fade and nobody cares about one’s social standing in youth after high school ends. He wanted me to appreciate guys that were warm, intelligent and loyal, and though I spent a chunk of my college and post-graduation years doing the exact opposite, I eventually realized my father was right all along and now I get to enjoy the endless benefits of being with a kind, bookish nerd.

We all want to find partners with wonderful qualities, but some attributes — i.e. physical appearance and professional standing — seem to be more valued than others. Here are a couple underrated traits that make for amazing significant others.

10. Desire to share food

And by “sharing,” I mean they’ll let you take bites of their meals at restaurants and home because food tastes so much better when the person you adore can enjoy it as well.

9. Bedhead

It’s just really cute. Have you ever known a guy with bedhead who wasn’t totally adorable?

8. Willingness to watch shows you love

Maybe he’s not a huge fan of Sex and the City or Girls, but he’ll sit through an episode (or three!) if you’re in charge of the TV sometimes.

7. Similar sense of humor

If you’re very sarcastic, you might not want to date someone who views it as the “lowest form of wit.” If you’re into daffy slapstick humor, it’s important to be with a person who appreciates silliness as well. That way, you can enjoy the same kind of movies and shows — and share a mutual hatred for other kinds of humor.

6. Calling you out when necessary

You can’t grow if you don’t own up to areas in which you could use improvement, and someone who really loves you will help you be your best self by letting you know when you’re being irrational, unreasonable or unfair. This doesn’t make them critical, but caring enough to be honest with you.

5. Being even-tempered

Getting emotional and frustrated is normal, but no one likes a psychotic rage monster. Calm men (and women) who don’t react to obstacles by punching walls or swearing up a storm have a good hold on their temper and are unlikely to lash out at you when trouble strikes.

4. Being great with children

Whether you want to be a parent someday or not, a person who knows how to interact well with children likely has a decent amount of patience and understanding.

3. Not getting grossed out by girl problems talk

If it’s that time of month and you’re in pain, your male significant other won’t freak out or shame you for spewing “too much information.” He is an adult and even wants to comfort you through this annoying biological function, even if he cannot relate to it.

2. Resourcefulness

They might be a solid cook, handyman or car mechanic, but when push comes to shove, they’re incredibly resourceful and DIY. It’s good to be with someone who is always looking for a solution and not simply giving up on a task.

1. Telling you that you look pretty

After nearly eight months together, I still get “you look very pretty” every once in a while. Be with an individual who never forgets what a beauty they ended up with.

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