10 tweets that perfectly sum up what it’s like waiting in the long voting lines

Happy Election Day, friends! Err, “happy”? Sort of. It makes us so sad to say it, but it can actually be sort of a pain to vote. Long voting lines on Election Day are SERIOUSLY plaguing this election. When you first come across long voting lines, it may seem exciting. Like, yay! Look at all those voting humans being awesome Americans and doing their part! But, as many are pointing out, while they may seem exciting at first, long voting lines actually have long term consequences on the election. It gives us all the feels, and not in a good way.

So what’s it like to be stuck in the long AF voting lines on Election Day?

Basically, you’re filled with regret. false

But you know you really, really have to do it.

Even if it takes sacrifice.

Because this is only one of the ways you can take a stance, and you’re gonna do whatever you can! false

At the end of the day, you just don’t want the apocalypse.

Waiting forever to vote gets you angry at everything that takes zero time to accomplish.

If you’re in school, you don’t understand why you have to skip class to vote. false

You do some digging and realize long voting lines are actually an issue.

But pizza makes everything a little better.

And burritos don’t hurt.

If you haven’t voted yet, good luck, friends. We’re sending nothing but the best vibes. You can do it!!