10 TV To Film Reboots We Need

Veronica Mars, one of the best shows on television that no one watched, is coming back six years later — as a film reboot! Fans have been clamoring to get the show back, going so far as to send Mars bars to every producer and executives’ office. It’s finally happening, and all through the magic of Kickstarter. I’m so psyched, because the series finale ended on a cliffhanger, and a downer of a cliffhanger. Not quite as a downer of a cliffhanger as Alf, which I can’t even talk about, or I’ll start crying.

So here are 10 TV to Film reboots we need.

10. Nip/Tuck

Wow did this show get weird towards the end! What a ride. The carver! The nazi girlfriend! The self-circumcision! The great celebrity cameos! There was something for everyone. And Kimber. Oh my God, Kimber. Was there anything she couldn’t screw up? I need to know what happened to these characters. There were some unresolved things and I’d like to see Sean be on top for once.

9. Coupling

Okay, seriously, now, Coupling is one of the best sitcoms of all time. It’s a British sitcom. Yes, there was an American reboot but it was diabolical. Watch the original. It’s a smart show. How I Met Your Mother was influenced by Coupling‘s unique story-telling style. They would often do cutaways or an episode from the POV of each character, or an episode with scenes out of order. It needed more seasons and the finale was disappointing. One of the main characters left the season prior, and they tried to bring him back without having to actually have him back by having him being channeled through an old woman (no, it didn’t make sense in the show either) and it was right bollocks. I miss these characters like they were real life friends. Shut up, it’s fine.

8. The United States of Tara

USoT didn’t get a proper goodbye as they weren’t sure if it was going to be their last season or not. I hate when that happens. There weren’t any major cliffhangers but there were some things that I would have liked to see resolved. Few things are as frustrating when you’re watching a last episode that no one knows for sure is the last episode and you feel like it’s ending but you’re thinking no, no, no, please don’t cut to black, I still need to know what happens to— ahhhh they cut to black.

7. Beverly Hills, 90210

And I’m talking about the REAL 90210, none of those fake ones. And I want the ENTIRE cast. Shannen Doherty + everyone else. Even Ian Zering. I am still so mad at how poorly Doherty’s departure was handled. And yeah, they tried to fix it by throwing her and Kelly and Dylan on the new 90210 but that wasn’t very satisfactory. The satisfaction was denied there. Let’s get this right. Get Judd Apatow to direct and do some kind of funny but bittersweet film about getting old in LA with the 90210 gang.

6. King of the Hill

I miss King of the Hill, I tell ya whut. The finale was okay, but these characters deserved something more epic, or at least a plot that they hadn’t already done twice before. And Dale never found out about his wife and her affair. I was hoping that one day he would. I wanted to see how he would handle it. Is that weird of me? The real hitch in doing anything further with these characters is that Brittany Murphy provided the voice of the one of the main characters, and so excellently, that you couldn’t just leave the character out.

5.. Enlightened

Just heard the news that this wonderful little show was cancelled. We’re definitely going to need a film for this one. It has a cinematic quality to it already. There’s such a beautiful cringe-worthiness that comes with watching Laura Dern’s Amy character. I’m really going to miss it.

4. Pan Am

Pan Am is high up on this list because it was a great show that was never given a proper chance, and it ended on a cliffhanger. A freaking cliffhanger! I loved the style of this show. The lush set design, the makeup, and of course, the fabulous 1960’s outfits. What happened? Was it that American television couldn’t handle more than one TV show set in the 1960’s at a time? WAS THAT IT?

3. Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks: the little show that should have but didn’t because screw network television. Such a good cast of characters. And actors. Back when Jason Segel was all shiny and new and James Franco didn’t look like a leather chair. And the soundtrack! This show is like a friend you can hug whenever and it isn’t awkward, and the kind you can hang out with in comfortable silence. This show wasn’t done. Not even close. Let’s bring them back together. I want to know what happened to them. I bet Franco’s character got way deep into the grunge scene.

2. Popular

Popular is a perfect example of a beloved cult television show that was gone too soon. Way too soon. “Do we have to do those splits? I’m a Christian.” Classic.

1. Seinfeld

Larry David teased us with his Seinfeld reunion plot in his show Curb Your Enthusiasm. And it only made me want Seinfeld even more. I am not satiated. GEORGE IS GETTIN ANGRY! And no, Mr. David, it did NOT make up for your dizzying mess of a Seinfeld finale. Please just give us a movie. Please. 2013 is rife with modern-day awkwardness that the gang has to navigate through. Picture it.

(They’re all sitting in Monk’s AKA “The Restaurant.”)

JERRY: Here’s something a little odd. You know that woman I went out with? She won’t add me back on Facebook.
ELAINE: Yeah, but that was before you met.
JERRY: No, I mean…still. We went out last night…the request is still there.
GEORGE: I don’t like that. I don’t like that at all.
ELAINE: Maybe she doesn’t check Facebook.
JERRY: Oh she checks Facebook.
ELAINE: So what? What does it matter? You went out.
GEORGE: She’s hiding something, Jerry!
ELAINE: Don’t take Facebook advice from George.
GEORGE: What’s wrong with my Facebook?
ELAINE: The photo looks nothing like you.
GEORGE: It’s a FLATTERING ANGLE. There’s no law against having a FLATTERING ANGLE. Don’t trust this woman, Jerry.
JERRY: ..nahhh, Elaine’s right.
KRAMER: You know what you need? You need to get in touch with my friend, Bob Sacamano. He knows Zuckerberg, he’ll hack you right in.
JERRY: He does not.
KRAMER: (Holding up his phone) All right everybody, squeeze in, and hold your food up.
JERRY: Oh we’re not doing this again.
KRAMER: Come on Jerry, it’s for the Instagram. Everybody has one.
JERRY: No one cares what we eat! Nobody! The whole thing’s ridiculous! I eat, you eat, we all eat — no one needs to see it!
GEORGE: Like all of YOUR photos aren’t all flattering.
ELAINE: My photos are very realistic.
GEORGE: I dare you to put up a non-flattering Facebook profile.
GEORGE: The main one.
GEORGE: You won’t do it.
ELAINE: You’re ON.
KRAMER: Come on, Jerry, hold up your sandwich. Really show us that rye bread.
JERRY: No! And don’t tag me on Facebook.
KRAMER: Ahhh, you’re no fun. From now on, I’m done retweeting your tweets.
JERRY: I don’t have a Twitter. (Beat) NEWMAN!

(Be-dee-berp-be-do. Bee bee bee beep!)