10 TV BFFs who are redefining female friendships

During this post-holiday food coma recovery period, it’s time to give thanks for all the TV BFFs who are redefining female friendships, because without them, we’d have nothing to compare, strive to be like, and bond with our own besties over.

As far back as those black-and-white days when the TV was first invented, the power of female-driven friendships were front-and-center.

These days, knowing our favorite fictional ladies have each other’s backs sort of makes us feel like, in a way, they have ours, too. Here are a few of our fave TV BFFs who, we think, have been total game-changers in terms of raising the bestie standards. So grab your BFF and read along!

1. Daenerys and Missandei on Game of Thrones

These two have redefined what it means to have each other’s backs in the fantasy realm. And, TBH, had we lived in Westeros, we would definitely want to be part of this powerful #girlsquad.

2. Penny, Amy, and Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory

Penny, Amy, and Bernadette prove the boys won’t have all the fun on a such a smartly scripted show. These super intelligent ladies challenge what it means to be a strong, independent woman in a (mostly) man’s world.

3. Rory and Lane on Gilmore Girls

Rory and Lane are, arguably, one of the best set of BFFs in television history. Their yin and yang personalities made each the perfect safe place for the other to fall. When Rory needed sage wisdom, she looked to Lane, and when Lane needed to break free from her mother’s overbearing mom, she had Rory. And now that they’re back on Netflix, all is right in the world.

4. Jess and Cece on New Girl 

Jess and Cece seem at first like an unlikely pair. But the thing that bonds them through their years of friendship isn’t their similarities — it’s their differences. They’re always teaching the other little bits of the world, which, to us, is the very essence of friendship.

5. Meredith and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy

You know that BFF that’s there for every part of you life? The one that’s your support system, the one who builds you up when you’re down, the one who watches you made bad decisions but is there to pick up the pieces when it doesn’t go the way you hoped? This is the epitome of Meredith and Cristina.

6. Riley and Maya on Girl Meets World

Let us not forget our younger BFFs who not only inspire the up-and-comers, but those of us who are still a kid at heart. Riley and Maya tackle the hard lessons life’s throwing at them as they navigate through high school and the world.

7. Rachel and Monica on Friends

There wouldn’t be a list without Rachel and Monica (and Phoebe)! While Rachel began as a wildly spoiled, naive starter on the show, and Monica, ever the realist with her need to clean, the two would eventually morph into better versions of themselves in their characters, proving the best friends might have been there all along.

8. Leslie and Ann on Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope is every woman’s political go-to with her infinite wisdom and eerie foreshadowing of today’s political climate. Ann is the grounded, down-to-earth voice of reason for Leslie when her ideas got too big or her confidence too low. These two are the A-Team!

9. Maeve and Clementine on Westworld

Maeve’s genuine friendship and bond with Clementine is part of the reason she wants so badly to be free of Westworld. Seeing her friend in dire straights makes Maeve go berserk and inspires her to basically change the landscape (and maybe the future) of Westworld.

10. Ilana and Abbi on Broad City

Props to Ilana and Abbi for keeping life real! These two are literally every pair of BFFs we know. It’s refreshing to see real talk with real women who are redefining the way a woman is “supposed” to act in such a hilarious way.

We are loving these besties are changing the landscape of TV and want to see lots more of them!

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