10 times “Gilmore Girls'” Rory Gilmore was my introvert hero

As an introvert, Rory Gilmore speaks to me on an incredibly deep level, and I’m definitely not alone. Oftentimes introverts on television and in movies are portrayed as tragic figures who are sad to be on their own. Rory Gilmore was the opposite of that. Rory was smart, funny, universally loved, and a total introvert. She represents one of the few pop culture depictions of an introvert who chooses to be alone and is happy doing so. No matter where she was or what was going on Rory never wished to be anywhere but in the pages of a book, or snarking on TV and movies shows alongside Lorelai. Simply put, Rory is the ultimate introvert role model because she shows how fun and fulfilling it can be to keep your own company. So without further ado, here are ten times that Rory Gilmore was the ultimate introvert hero!

1. When she literally didn’t notice her first boyfriend Dean because she was reading.

In the first season one of the most sweet and telling things about Rory is that it took her a long to realize her future boyfriend Dean was checking her out, because she was always reading. She never looked up from her book long enough to realize he was there, which is so on point for most introverts it’s not even funny. All introverts can relate to being so absorbed in the tasks they’re doing that they don’t notice our surroundings.

2. When she fought long and hard to just have a personal day.

Episode 16 in Season 2 “There’s the Rub” centers around the idea that Rory just really wants a day at the house to herself. When Lorelai has to go on a spa weekend with Emily, Rory finally sees her chance. She plans a whole special day to do her laundry, order Indian takeout, watch TV, and fall asleep early. GIRL SAME! I’ve literally done this exact night before, and let me tell you all, it is straight up delightful! Rory knows how to party, introvert style!

3. Any time anyone asked her where her book was.

One of my favorite moments is actually a lot of little moment’s where the people in Rory’s life try to make her cough up whatever book she is secretly carrying around. She always denies having one, and when it’s later produced she always acts totally innocent about it. Going to the movies, a wedding, whatever. Rory not only always has a book, but one she fully intends on reading. Alone. Away from everyone else.

4. When she tried to bring half her library to Europe.

Packing is always a difficult task. Packing when you’re a bookworm though? Almost impossible. One of the funniest parts of Rory and Lorelai prepping for their backpacking trip after Rory’s high school graduation was watching Rory try to take all her books to Europe. She eventually lightened her pack a bit, but you know she still probably snuck way too many books.

5. Her perfect Friday night is watching TV at home with her mom.

Like all good introverts, Rory rather be at home with her best friend, doing their favorite activity. Her best friend just so happens to be her mom, and her favorite activity (other than reading) is eating and making fun of movies on TV. We can’t fault her at all! We get super jealous every time we see whatever crazy snack and movie combo Rory and Lorelai have concocted together. That dynamic duo made sitting on the couch and making fun of bad programming look like an Olympic sport!

6. When she gave up a drawer of clothes for her books.

What do you do when you run out of shelf space on your bookshelf? Do you pair down or maybe start to give away some books? If you’re Rory you just give up some of your dresser drawers and fill them with books. While Lorelai would sooner drop dead than give up any of her clothes or shoes, Rory does it in a heartbeat because books are her everything! And we couldn’t agree more. Clothes are great, but they’re certainly no books!

7. When she paid a guy $20 to go away from her study tree.

Having a good study routine is incredibly important. We all know how frustrating it can feel when your favorite spot is taken or it’s too noisy to work. However most of us just suck it up and move to a new spot, or opt to share with whoever got there first. However when Rory was faced with having to give up or share her favorite study spot in front of her perfect tree at Yale, she slipped the seat stealer a $20 to go away. Say what you will about Rory’s deep commitment to introversion, but that girl knows how to get stuff done!

8. When she almost spent her first college party alone and reading.

Duringher first week of Yale, Paris is obsessed with attending the first party and socializing (for totally nerdy Paris Geller reasons of course). However, Rory simply shuts her door and cracks open a book. She almost makes it the entire party reading alone in her room, until Lorelai encourages her to go be social. Rory begrudgingly agrees, but only because her mom wants her to, which is somehow more introverted than sitting it out with a good book. But truthfully, we’ve all been there. No matter how fun parties are, more often than not we just rather be home alone with a good book or a TV show!

9. Every time she chose books over boys.

All of Rory’s boyfriends had one thing in common – she ditched them all for books! It’s true, Rory Gilmore’s signature move was to stay up late reading, leave early reading, or to make plans around her boyfriend’s so she could specifically read. Every one needs a little alone time (introverts especially!) and it was so cool to see Rory always putting herself (and her reading list) first.

10. When she got excited to sit down and watch a documentary during spring break.

Hands down, the most Rory Gilmore moment ever was during spring break when she and Paris were excited to come back to their hotel room and watch a 6-hour documentary on comparative mythology The Power of Myth, (which they had already seen by the way!) Although they both eventually abandon it to check out what that spring break thing was all about, they soon find themselves wishing that they had just stayed home and re-watched a documentary that had seen a bunch of times. And all we can say is, same! Half the times we go out we just wish we were home, Rory is just more honest about it.

  And there you have it! Ten times Rory Gilmore was hands down our greatest and most perfect introvert hero. Steadfast and unwavering in her quest to be left alone to read, she will forever be our inspirational introvert figure!

 So don’t forget to celebrate Gilmore Girls’ return to Netflix Rory Gilmore style by snuggling up and watching it with some snacks on the 25th! Preferably with your mom, your best friend, or happily all by yourself!

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