10 times ‘Gilmore Girls’ Paris Geller said what we were too afraid to say

There is a lot of hype around Gilmore Girls lately because the new revival series — which aired a couple weeks ago — by Netflix has brought new people to fall in love with Stars Hallow and reigniting the flame for those of us who never missed an episode when the original series aired. One may think the show is really about Lorelai and Rory, but Paris Geller may be one of the most perfect characters we’ve seen come out of any TV show. Why, you may ask? (Or not, because you ARE reading this article right now, so a part of you MUST agree with me!)

For one, Paris Geller is not afraid to be who she is, even when other people don’t understand, but she always speaks her mind and stands up for herself. If you go back to the original series, Paris Geller really deserves a lot more credit than people gave her because her honesty is refreshing and we wish we weren’t afraid to always speak our mind too.

Here are 13 of our favorite times she said exactly what she was thinking and we love her for it.

1 She calls out PDA when she’s tired of seeing it.

2 She knows when girl time is needed and shut that talk down.

3 Paris calls out men for their sexist behavior.

4 She’s not afraid of pointing out when someone’s annoying.

5 Or questioning why something is fun for everyone but her.

6 She knows that moment you hang out with someone new and you’re going to be BFFs.

7 She’s spot on when it comes to feminism, youth and protecting herself.


8 When someone’s at the end of her patience and she lets them have it.

9 She is sarcastic and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.


10 13. And she calls out the strange voting elections that can be hard to understand.


Thank you, Paris Geller for always being who you are and giving us so many memorable quotes to live by!

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