10 thoughts we always have while watching “Love Actually”

Ah, Love Actually, that holiday catalyst movie. You might love it or hate it, but it’s become a movie that’s fully inescapable during the holiday season. So chances are, whether you find the love stories problematic or box up all your cynicism to simply enjoy the story, you’ve seen it at least once.

Or, if your us, more like 12 times. Okay, we may have a problem.

Still, repeat viewings make certain things stick out, while others fade more into the background. Here’s some of the thoughts that keep coming back everytime we dive into the melodramatic throes of Love Actually.

1. It’s fine to cry this early in a movie. Just fine.

YES WE KNOW, bringing up September 11th in a romantic holiday movie is a little schmaltzy, but it’s effective. Cue the waterworks for the next 90 minutes.


For his slightly weasely-looking brother. TOTAL FICTION.

3. This seems dangerous.

Maybe it’s just us, but we would 100% fall down the stairs if we attempted this. Imagine the headlines if the Prime Minister severely injured himself rolling down the stairs while dancing.

4. Ultimate universal truth.

via giphy

Oh, we can quibble about whether the movie shows a realistic depiction of love, but no one can argue this isn’t the EXACT happy dance they’d do if they got Rodrigo Santoro back to their house.

5. This is not a character. This is someone’s warped idea of how affairs happen.

Mia LITERALLY dresses up as the devil at one point. This one gets an eyeroll and a half.

6. We would kill for Natalie.


7. Possibly cutest moment in cinema history?

But now that he’s grown up we kind of feel like this is going to follow him around for his entire dating life.

8. Why do these two always get forgotten?

Sure, yes, we now think of Martin Freeman as Watson, but WHAT IF WATSON HAD A SECRET PORN STAND-IN PAST?? WHERE IS JUDY NOW?

9. You have hurt our Emma Thompson and we must now destroy you.

The way she blames it on “too much ice cream” just breaks us in pieces.

10. Solid advice.

No matter how you feel about this story or Love Actually in general, this is pretty good advice.

Happy holiday movie watching guys, and don’t disturb the eels!

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