10 things to treat yourself with once you’ve finished spring cleaning

Maybe you’re like me, and your spring cleaning involves basically just doing the dishes a little more vigorously than normal. Maybe you have a yearly ritual wherein you go through your closet and have a clothing swap with your friends. Or maybe, just maybe, you do the full KonMari and you’re left with a minimalistic dream of an apartment (invite me over?). No matter what your spring cleaning plans involve, we all deserve a little treat after putting in a little effort — yes, even me.

If you’ve just thrown out old t-shirts from high school and stained throw pillows from 2008 and your home is feeling clean yet a little empty, here are a few lovely things to treat yourself to:

This spiky vase, fit for any succulent.

This colorful rug, which will brighten up small spaces.

Magical Thinking, $39
Magical Thinking, $39

This copper mirror, because you look great today. 

This throw blanket, which we want to wrap ourselves in, like now.

Merch Limited, $65
Merch Limited, $65

This rainbow flatware, for the most colorful dinner parties.

This small table, because your trinkets deserve it. 

This bookend, to remind you to start reading your summer books

This ruffle duvet cover, because it looks so, so soft. 

Urban Outfitters, $149-199
Urban Outfitters, $149-199

This sign, because your apartment is your home.

These hanging planters, because sometimes we’re all hanging by a thread.

Now go forth and treat yourself!