10 Facts to Fuel Your “The Fault In Our Stars” Obsession

The Fault in Our Stars, the movie we’ve been waiting for, the movie destined to make us cry in a good way, is finally hitting movie theaters on Friday. Based on the young adult book by John Green, the movie is this generation’s A Walk to Remember, with less singing, more metaphors and way more hype. Yes, opening weekend will definitely be a happening. So if you want to fit in with the fans, or just get the most out of your movie-viewing experience, start by brushing up on your TFIOS knowledge. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Shailene Woodley wanted to be in the movie before there was a movie.

The actress was such a big fan of the books she e-mailed Green asking about playing the lead, Hazel Grace. Green thanked her for her interest but replied, “I’m not a casting director,” which he later cringed over.

2. If you want to make a fan cry, ask them “Okay?”

A kind of catchphrase from the book, “Okay? Okay,” is a way the two teens in love express their affection to each other. But as fans like to point out, after reading the novel (or, likely, seeing the movie) you will not be okay. You will be sad (but in a good way).

3. Shailene Woodley cut off her hair for the role and donated it to Children with Hair Loss.

If you remember Woodley from her The Secret Life of the American Teenager days, you’ll remember she had super long hair, which she had to part with to get Hazel Grace’s super short hair cut. But her locks didn’t go to waste, she donated them to kids in need.

4. Some of the actors in the film are teens really battling cancer.

Teen cancer survivors were cast as members of Hazel and Gus’ teen cancer support group.

5. This is the first movie ever shot inside the Anne Frank house.

As Green explained in a live web conference, the people behind the house liked the scene set in it in the book so much they let them film the scene there.

6. At the premiere, instead of a red carpet there was a blue carpet.

As John Green put it, it was appropriately “TFIOS blue.” (See the book’s cover.)

7. Fans of the author, John Green, are called Nerdfighters.

More on that here.

8. Nat Wolff, who plays Issac in TFIOS, will be starring in another adaptation of a John Green novel.

Wolff will be playing Quentin Jacobsen in the upcoming film based on the 2008 novel Paper Towns.

9. John Green had a cameo in the movie, but it was cut out.

The author was going to appear as “girl’s father,” but the scene didn’t make it into the final movie.

10. He did get to hang out a lot on set.

Green created several videos chronicling his experiences on the TFIOS set, hanging out with the cast and crew (and admiring the extensive free food table). Check out his Twitter for more behind the scenes drama. But first, just go see the movie.

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