10 things that people with dry skin find absolutely terrifying

When you have dry skin, you have to deal with so many unexpected issues, whether your skin is dry all over (yeah, we’re talking essentially having scales *everywhere*) or you just have spontaneous dry patches (yum). It’s also a sort of lonely position to be in, since you don’t really want to admit to it. Like, seriously, who wants to admit to being basically part lizard?! But we’ve gotta open up about our dry skin, and the many issues it causes, so we’re talking the big, bad evils that freak us and our dry skin TF out.

Anyone who suffers from dry skin on their face or anywhere else on their body will definitely recognize the following situations. Solidarity, friends. *Reaches for moisturizer*

1. Looking in the mirror and realizing your makeup is SO VISIBLE


So you tried out a new powder only to realize — once you’re out in public, of course — that your makeup is visible to the naked eye. And not just a little bit. Like, the killer product you were pumped to try is hanging from the flakes of dry skin peeling from your face. It’s. The. Worst.

2. Trying a new toner that’s loaded with alcohol



3. Offices with way too much air conditioning


Just, WHY. Nothing makes our skin begin to crumble quite like blasts of harsh, cold air.

4. And offices with intense heat in the winter


Except, of course, for heat. We love all things snow and winter wonderland-esque, but come on, guys. Heat 24/7 does nothing but slowly fry our skin.



Need we even explain? Nothing is worse than reaching into your bag and realizing that, whoops, you left the lotion on the counter (along with your iPhone charger, *again*). TG for friends who always carry lotion just for you.

6. Sunbathing


When all of your pals hit the poolside to enjoy the very last leg of summer, it’s so tempting to join in. But then you do, and your already super-sensitive skin starts peeling SO FAST, and then you’re a tender, red, sad little being watching your friends from inside.

7. Giving a new hydrating skincare product a try, and breaking out


You took a chance to moisturize your skin, and only added a new skincare issue to the mix. Awesome. 

8. Someone commenting on your dry skin


The only thing worse than having consistently dry, flaky skin? Someone pointing it out. Like, ouch. Maybe keep the comments to yourselves, guys!

9. Realizing you’re picking dead skin from your face in public


And your squad is looking at you in abject horror. Whoops.

10. Flying


Stale airplane air is no fun for anyone, but when you have dry skin, it’s an entirely different story. Why does flying have to destroy our skin?! Hello, vacation, and hello weeks of skin-rehab to cure this intensified dryness!

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