Fun Things To Do When Social Media Fails To Amuse You

Being in the era we’re in, you’re probably at least mildly obsessed with Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Tumblr. Whatever the youths are on these days. But, if you’re anything like me, these sites probably have gotten a little bit boring. And I’m a teenager. Internet is supposed to be my lifelong companion and constant entertainer. Evidently my boredom is the true mark that the internet isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be (but google is still my BFF).

The very cliché status updates, friends who really don’t give back to Facebook and never post (confession: I am one of those people…), and the realization that there are only so many times you can facebook stalk your friends before you start to forget the way they look in person; these are all faults of the social networking concept. I mean, if I’m going to waste my time, I want to have fun doing it. At least most of the time.

Even though boredom can be good, when it becomes a constant thing, it loses its… appeal. So, just in case you’d forgotten that sometimes real life can be fun too, I’ve made a list of ten fun things you can do (by yourself or with friends) instead of being online:

1. Clean your room or house while rocking out to upbeat music– This is productive, so it wouldn’t be a very good waste of time. I’m sorry. But I had to include it because you’ll feel so much better after doing this. I mean, really.

2. Write someone a letter– Come on, people, letters are just the best. You can also write a letter to your future self (and open it on a certain date in the future. It’s all so symbolic and future-y). Or your past self. Or not to yourself, you know, just to defy my ideas.

3. Make a meal— I just don’t see any way you wouldn’t love food and, for me, keeping occupied usually involves creativity. Maybe this is a tea party, a picnic, or a meal you plan to eat mindfully. Have another idea? Go for it!

4. Get outside!– Hiking, walking, running, biking or just sitting can make you feel infinitely better. Fresh air, vitamin D, and, you know, nature-y feelings. They aren’t overrated.

5. Learn a new skill— You’ll not only be productive, but also will have something to brag about to your friends.

6. Try something foreign By this I don’t mean Chinese takeout or Rubios; I mean something like henna art, eating at an exotic restaurant or having a Japanese tea ceremony.

7. Read– Most likely, you read already (after all, you’re reading this). Maybe you read a lot, maybe just when you remember how amazing it really is. But, if you’re anything like me, you read the same genre… constantly. So, today, go to the library and choose a book from a genre you don’t normally go for. Don’t go crazy– if you usually read YA Fiction, it’s not realistic to choose a book called The History of Cytotaxonomy. (I’m not entirely sure what cytotaxonomy is but Google tells me it’s a word, so….) Try to start with a book that maybe has the similar themes as the genre you love (e.g. If you love fantasy, try adventure books), and don’t give up too soon.

8. Learn 7 fancy words and use them in everyday sentences– This is an activity that might slightly resemble SAT prep, but the difference is that you choose the words. I mean, complicated words make great comebacks. (Example: “That’s not correct grammar,” can be responded to with a simple, “I was using a colloquialism.” Bam. Nerd power.)

9. Face your fears— Fears are scary (that’s kind of the point), so facing them with a friend might make them more bearable. Today can be one of those life-changing days in which you overcome your fears and realize the true amazingness of the world. Or maybe this activity will just make you stressed out and wet your pants. Your call.

10. Start a journal— For a few months, I’ve been journaling (yes, it’s now a verb). And while I have to say I don’t always look forward to getting into bed and writing in this little notebook sitting on my dresser, I do love having documented proof of how I how my mind was working on the particular date I wrote it. And once I actually get writing, it’s fun. It’s writing, after all!

What do you like to do when you un-plug?

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