10 things that seriously help you wake up, according to science

We know, believe me, we know — waking up can be the hardest thing to do in the morning. Besides needing to be a morning person yourself, there are a few tips and tricks that you can add to your morning routine to make it more bearable — science approved. Give these a try the next time you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

1. Prep the night before

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: prepping the night before can help make your morning go smoothly. Anything you can do to shave time off of your morning to-do list will all help to make you actually excited to get up in the morning.

2. Find your best time to shower

Whether you’re a morning or night shower person, finding the best time of day for you to lather up will make waking up that much easier (trust us).


3. Have a filling breakfast

Eating first thing in the morning is often the last thing on our morning to-do lists, but a nutritious breakfast can have a tremendous effect on our mood, focus, and productivity for the day. You don’t have to dedicate the time and effort of making a fancy acai smoothie bowl everyday — oatmeal and a green smoothie can give you the same effect. Find the recipes that you like most.

4. Prep your morning outfit

Whether you’re just headed to your desk or fretting about a presentation, the last thing you want to focus on is your outfit. Taking time to prep the night before can make waking up and dressing in the morning a breeze.

5. Stretch

Move over, lazy bones — even if you don’t workout until later in the day, taking just five minutes out of your morning to stretch or move around can have a great effect on your focus throughout the day (and cut down on any aches and pains you might feel). Take care to take some deep breaths and move around to get your best foot forward.


6. Streamline your makeup (and skincare) routine

Makeup and skincare can take a major part of your morning routine. But taking care to layer up on double-duty products (a BB cream or foundation that has SPF, or a cheek and lip tint) can help cut down on the time you spend in the shower and reduce your likelihood of running late because blending took forever. If you’re really in a pinch, always commit to doing your morning skincare and apply your makeup on the train or once you get to your office.

7. Do your hair the night before

Hair can also take up a daunting amount of time in the morning. Doing a simple style the night before — a braid or bun, for example — can help you wake up with perfect hair and reduce bedhead. Plus, your hair can stay healthy while you reduce heat on it!


8. Avoid hitting snooze

We know — it’s all too tempting to hit the snooze button and snuggle back into the covers. But studies have shown that hitting the snooze button instead of waking right up can actually hurt your health. Make sure you get adequate rest the night before, and waking up will be much less painless.

9. Avoid social media

Even if you’re job requires you to catch up on Facebook and Twitter, try your best to refrain from opening the apps until you reach the office. Getting sucked into social media can also suck away precious time from your morning routine and start your day off on the wrong foot entirely.


10. Hydrate!

So many of us are walking around with chronic dehydration and don’t even know it. Make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day by drinking it first thing in the morning — it’s as simple as filling up your water bottle the night before and putting it on your nightstand.

What are some ways that you ease into waking up in the morning?