10 things I want to see in the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival

If you haven’t heard yet, Gilmore Girls will reportedly be coming back as a limited series for Netflix consisting of four 90-minute episodes. You know, just a small piece of news that made me hyperventilate, spill my coffee, and run around my apartment as if I had bleach on my hair.

The TV overlords have blessed us with so many great revivals lately (Veronica Mars, 24, Arrested Development, X-Files) that I almost lost hope of seeing Lorelai and Rory dazzle us with pop culture references again. And yet, turns out it’s a ‘s wonderful, ‘s marvelous time to be alive.

While some of you might be reluctant to give into the hype since we don’t know anything definite about who’s coming back, I can’t help but daydream about the moment we’ll see the Gilmore Girls together again. And I have some mighty high hopes for the revival – including these ten things I would like to see when the new episodes hit Netflix.

A farewell to Richard Gilmore

While the revival is great news, it’s still kind of a bittersweet announcement, since the late Edward Herrmann won’t be there reprise his role as Richard Gilmore. I’d love to see a proper send-off, worthy of such a beloved character. And even though Emily didn’t “go first” as she demanded, I’m also hoping to witness her thrive on her own, with the help of her daughter and granddaughter.

The 411 on all our favorite characters

I understand that there might be actors that won’t be coming back for the revival because of scheduling issues – Liza Weil is now on How to Get Away with Murder, Jared Padalecki might be busy with Supernatural, Melissa McCarthy is ruling the comedy biz – but I still want to know where their characters ended up. Did Paris marry Doyle? Are Kirk and Lulu still together? Did Dean finally get out of Stars Hollow? What’s Logan up to? I’m dying to know!

Some Rory-Lane bonding

Rory and Lane’s friendship has always been special, and I would love to see how their relationship evolved with time. Last time we saw them, Lane had her twins and Rory was jump-starting her career. How did they keep in touch over the years? There’s nothing more awesome than seeing two well-rounded female characters support each other over thick and thin. And now that the issues the two might be dealing with are probably more complex than eight years ago, it will be great to see them exchange valuable advice and dwelling over adult problems.

A Hep Alien Reunion

Since we’re on the subject of Lane, who wouldn’t want to see Hep Alien rock again? Front row tickets for me, please!

The Gilmore Girls fighting over what to watch on Netflix

Welcome to the streaming era, ladies. No more DVD rentals for you. No Gilmore Girls revival would be complete without a movie night, so seeing them struggle to decide what to watch on Netflix would be a treat.

The Dragonfly Inn

Is Lorelai still managing the Dragonfly Inn? I hope so! That place was whimsical, homey, and very Lorelai. Plus, I’ve totally missed Michel’s sarcastic banter.

A magical Stars Hollow festival

Remember the dance marathon? The Festival of Living Art? The charity picnic basket auction? Too bad Stars Hollow is fictional, or I would move there in a jiffy. The town’s festivals are as quirky as they get, so please put together something similar for the revival, OK?

A Lorelai-Luke wedding

These two were meant to be together. Everyone knows it. While seeing them rekindle their relationship in the series finale was sweet (yet incredibly brief), I would love to see Lorelai walk down the aisle toward the man of her dreams. She deserves lots and lots of happiness.

Rory thriving professionally

It was sad to see Logan go, but I couldn’t help but applaud Rory’s decision to focus on her career after graduation; a career she was preparing for basically since she was in diapers. Is she working for The New York Times yet? Is she short-listed for a Pulitzer? One thing is for sure: wherever she ended up working, she’s kicking some major journalistic butt.

Rory + Jess Forever

If you’re #TeamJess, you know there would be nothing more satisfying than seeing Rory reconnect with her old leather-wearing flame. While Jess was in no way a perfect boyfriend, he surely grew over the years, becoming a writer and finally fulfilling his potential. Did someone say power-couple?

Whew, just jotting down this list made me nostalgic and beyond eager to see some fresh material. Will any of this happen? Who knows. I’m binge-watching the series again in the meantime.

Alexandra Plesa is a skeptical content crafter by day, and a binge-watcher extraordinaire by night. You can find her on Twitter.

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