10 Things Cats Do Without Realizing They’re Being Adorable

It’s hard to deny that cats are the leaders of the Internet. The cuddly creatures have infiltrated every corner of our digital world, making them practically inescapable. And the best part is? They have no idea. To them, every twitch of the nose or spontaneous nap time is just another part of their everyday routine. The fact is, cats are completely unaware of their own cuteness, which is precisely what makes them so frigging adorable. Let’s take a closer look at their impossibly squee mannerisms, shall we?

1) Rolling over onto their back, revealing their belly.

When a cat rolls over onto its back, it’s announcing to everyone in the general vicinity that its belly is open for business. While I’m tempted to think that the cats enjoy this magical power they possess, I wonder whether or not they actually appreciate the attention. Free belly rubs from humans sounds like a great idea, until you plop down beside an open window to soak in the sun and a pack of bumbling humans come over and put their hands all over you. I mean, personal space, come on.

2) Pushing their head into your hand.

Why is it that, every time a cat wants something and they headbutt a part of your body, it’s considered cute, when every time I try it, it’s considered rude? (Those double standards, man.) Though it may look like they’re initiating affection, in actuality, they’re simply reminding you that you have something they need, whether it be food, water, or a big hand that can reach the itch they’ve trying to been scratch all day.

3) Trying to fit into things they clearly can’t fit into.

“If I fits, I sits” is a great motto for cats. That is, until they stumble upon a shot glass or a bottle-cap and convince themselves that they are up for the challenge. While half of the time, such an experiment involves the cat attempting to sit, falling over, and walking away like it never happened, the other half involves us trying to squeeze our pet’s head out of a crack in a box or a glass jar before they suffocate, or before we die from laughter.

4) Mewing.

I’m not talking about the piercing roar that cats make when you’re holding an open container of tuna fish above their heads, because that isn’t cute in any dimension. No, I’m talking about the high-pitched chattering sound they make when they spot a bug on the outside of a screen door or when they’re stalking a spider as it tiptoes across the ceiling. The more it sounds like they’re sitting on top of a vibrating washing machine, the cuter it is.

5) Sleeping anywhere and everywhere.

If Garfield has taught us anything, it’s that cats are naturally tired all the time. As a result, they usually end up sleeping in locations that were not made for sleeping, like bathtubs or curtain rods or computer keyboards. I can hardly sleep in a warm bed covered in blankets, never mind a windowsill, so I commend this particular skill.

6) Swatting the air with their paws.

When you live with a cat, you know that leaving a dangling string unchecked is practically an invitation for playtime. I wish I could love something as much as cats love string, but I honestly don’t think it’s physically possible. The second you pull out your sneaker laces and hover them over a cat’s face, their eyes become transfixed and before you know it, they’re thrashing at the air with their claws. It’s adorbs.

7) Preparing to pounce.

Have you ever watched a cat right as they’re about to attack their prey? Their eyes grow wide, they crouch low to the ground, and their little butts start to do a dance. Yup, they mean business.

8) Running around the house at full speed.

While other people spent their childhood studying the effects of cooties or trying to keep their Tamogatchis alive, I devoted my elementary school years to finding out why my cat felt the need to bolt around the living room at 3AM. My first instinct was ghosts, because why else would they run up and down the stairs other than to escape invisible spirits that only they can see, but I never found any unexplained footprints or messages written in blood, so their activity remains an adorable mystery.

9) Playing with things that aren’t toys.

Sometimes I wish I had the attention span of a cat. Sure, my exams would be more difficult to get through, and yeah, watching movies would be practically impossible, but I would never, ever be bored. I mean, how could you when every piece of dust suddenly seems like the greatest toy on earth?

10) Slipping their paw under the door crack to let you know how desperately they want to come inside.

The only thing better than seeing a little white paw squeeze through the space between the door and the floor is watching your cat attempt to squeeze his or her whole face under it to get to the other side. And usually what’s on the other side is you. . . or food. Either way, it’s pretty adorable.

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