10 super healthy (and super yummy!) asparagus recipes that prove that asparagus is the king of vegetables

As we continue adulting and pretending to know what we’re doing, one thing we know for sure is that we have to make sure we get our veggies. At the end of the day, all we wanna do is curl up with a yummy, healthy meal, and these ridiculously delicious asparagus recipes help us do just that! Whether you have mixed feelings about asparagus or think asparagus is the best vegetable in the world, you’ll find a new recipe  to learn, and love! Because these perfectly cheap, healthy recipes are so good to have on deck when you don’t have time to search ~the net~ for last minute ideas.

Asparagus has tons of health benefits, and the surprisingly powerful health benefits of eating asparagus make it one green food you should definitely make a part of your weekly recipe rotation.

1. This asparagus and smashed egg recipe turns the best veggie ever into a perfect breakfast treat

2. These shrimp and asparagus rolls with sesame dipping sauce

3. Hello, bacon and asparagus. Need we say more?!

4. This  beautiful asparagus tart

5. Get *real* fancy with this fried egg with asparagus, potato and leek rosti, corn truffle hollandaise, and toasted almonds

6. This summery tomato and asparagus dish makes a light and lovely meal


7. These asparagus kibbeh balls with seasoned ground chicken and onions are awe-inspiring

8. This dreamy asparagus quiche is perfect for cold nights

9. This smoked salmon, asparagus, and goat cheese scramble

10. And this delicious asparagus Gruyère tart recipe is a must-try!

See? Look how versatile this veggie is! Oh, asparagus recipes. We bow down!