The 10 Suckiest Things Everyone Forgets About Break-Ups

Let’s be real about it: break-ups suck. There are the major things that suck about it (broken heart and all that) and then the little things people forget about. Here are the the 10 suckiest things everyone forgets about break-ups.

10. How painful it is to use the term “ex.”

It’s so bizarre that one day someone’s your boyfriend and best friend and the next day, they’re your ex. Their entire identity changed overnight. When recounting to your friends what happened, it feels so strange to describe this person you loved deeply as simply “my ex.” It’s weird and awful.

9. You have to tell all your friends.

I just got invited to a birthday party by my ex’s (ugh, sigh) friends. I had to thank them for the invite and tell them that sadly, we were no longer together. And they felt bad for inviting me (though still kindly offered the invite) and I felt bad for making them feel bad. It sucks having to tell your friends bad news, because it sort of feels like you’re admitting defeat, plus it’s painful to talk about. And you have to do it over and over and over. I sort of get now why people make Facebook posts announcing a break-up, though I’d never be one of them. Even weirder than the people who make break-up posts, are the people who “like” break-up posts. What’s up with THOSE people?

8. You lose focus.

I stopped writing this for like an hour so I could absentmindedly watch Dancing with the Stars. Today, I got out of bed only to get back into bed. It’s like a “whatever” switch goes off in your head that takes you in all kinds of different directions except for the one you need to go in. It’s hard to battle that switch, and you have to do the best you can. Try to find the “I can do this” button in your head, and make like Desmond from Lost, and keep pressing it. (Yes, I used a Lost reference. Is it because I, too, feel lost? Or do I need to watch more recent television? I just don’t know, guys. I JUST DON’T KNOW.)

7. You break up with their family, too.

For some people, this one is a blessing, as not everyone gets along with everyone else’s families (I’ve seen Everybody Loves Raymond, I know the score). But for others, like me, it’s hard. Dude had a great family, full of warm, generous people. I’m going to miss them.

6. You don’t have a date for that wedding around the corner.

Yeah, this one’s a little selfish, but I think you’re allowed to be a little selfish after a break-up. You’re psyched that your dearest friends are getting married in Vegas, but you’re less psyched at the idea of now having to go alone. Sure, with time you’ll get over it, but in the moment the idea of going to a wedding alone feels like Classic Schmosby. (There’s a more recent TV reference, how do we feel about that one?)

5. People expect you to act and feel a certain way.

If you’re too upbeat, people say, “Wow, Almie, you’re handling this better than expected!” and they wonder if you ever really loved your ex. If you’re too heartbroken people think, “Jeez, it’s not like someone died, have some perspective.” There’s no way you can act that will satisfy everyone, nor should you try — I’m not saying that. I’m just saying, feel and act however you want but don’t expect people to understand.

4. Showering becomes really hard.

What is it about sadness and showering? The sadder you are, the less you want to shower. Some people get over breakups by soaking in a hot tub; I am not one of them. It’s almost like I become aquaphobic, or a house cat. The last thing I can bring myself to do is take a shower. I also give up on working out. And eating. And sleeping. And most basic human functions.

3. You have to update all of your online dating profiles.

I mean, you don’t have to — this is obviously directed towards those who date online. But once you’re ready to get back out there, you have to log into OKCupid (or whatever you use) and update all your photos, and then you have to figure out how to even use Tinder. You’ve been with someone for what feels like so long and yet somehow it also feels that in the blink of an eye, everyone is dating differently using a million new dating apps and websites. And there’s nothing more depressing than reactivating your OKCupid profile.

2. Every rejection feels personal.

From job rejections to just losing a Twitter follower, every rejection feels so raw and personal, even though you know it isn’t. It’s like, “first Derek left me and now I’m losing UNIcORN_LVR88 on Instagram??? When will it end??” I know. I know.

1. We may not want you to trash-talk our ex.

When I told people I had gotten dumped, some of them were very quick to respond with something like, “That jerk!” or “What a douche!” The truth is, my now ex isn’t a jerk or a douche. I genuinely believe he’s a good guy. I wouldn’t date a jerk or douche. When you trash talk someone’s ex, I know you’re trying to make them feel better, but you don’t know how they feel about the breakup, and you might make them feel like they need to defend the person they loved. You weren’t in the relationship, so don’t be too hasty (but we appreciate where you’re coming from).

To all those going through the pain of a break-up, I am so sorry. It really sucks. That’s all you can say: it’s the suckiest suck that ever sucked. Be well.

What do YOU think are the worst sucky things everyone forgets about a break-up?

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