10 Stylish Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Your Day

Is your Instagram feed experiencing a crisis of the mundane? Do you experience eye soreness from a feed of mainly bland food photos and even blander selfies? Are your thumbs tired from scrolling through miles of redundant IG clichés? If you’ve checked yes to any of these signs, you have Insta-boredom. But don’t worry, we can fix this.

Like getting a good room makeover, changing up your Instagram feed will make you feel more inspired and spunk up your everyday. You need a “Flip this House” for your feed; clean out the dull, tedious and uninteresting and brighten things up the following Insta-role-models, which I chose according to the following criteria:

Does this ‘grammermake selfies less tacky and more cool (it sounds impossible)?

Does she or he communicate a sense of humor?

And does this ‘grammer boast irreproducible style?

These digital divas do all that and then some. They are the HBICs of Instagram storytelling and will supply the oomph, sparkle and sass needed to cure your Insta-boredom.

1. @mermaidens Whimsy is in Kailey’s blood and runs through the veins of her Instagram feed. Spying one of her photos in your feed is like crying tears of joys from finding stars in a night sky. If Princess Peach and Hello Kitty could look upon her Instagram, they would be similarly addicted. 2. @avantblargh

Side effects from following Bianca deBardelaben may involve swooning, crying from coolness, and inspiration from her lady-boss-ness. This lady is smart and she shows that through her Insta-art.

3. @drifterandthegypsy

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