Here are 10 soothing sheet masks for your hands and nails, because masks aren’t just for your face

Sheet masks are everywhere, and for good reason. They make our skin feel like it’s been dipped in a cold, refreshing pool. Plus, they’re affordable and come in packaging that features cartoon animals and anthropomorphized fruit, and who’s NOT into that?!

Well, now there are hand and finger masks that come in same Korean sheet mask form the luxury beauty world has fallen in love with. If skin care keeps evolving at this rate, we’ll soon be bathing our whole bodies in cold baths made of melted sheet masks. Which honestly, compared to a lot of options, doesn’t sound like a bad future at all.

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If your hands are feeling in need of some rest and relaxation, we’ve gathered 10 hand and finger masks to help you treat yourself.

1Rose Nail Mask from Le Mini Macaron, $4.50


Le Mini Macaron was launched with the needs of busy nail art lovers in mind. This month they’ve launched their beautifully packaged Rose Nail Masks, for those of us looking to let our nails heal up in between gel polish applications. These mini sheet masks moisturize and soothe dry, brittle, or irritated nail beds with lavender and rose extract.

2Jasmine Green Tea Hand Mask from Le Mini Macaron, $5


If you’re looking to give your full hands the treatment, this Jasmine Green Tea mask is a great option. This sheet mask will baby your skin with coconut oil, jasmine, and green tea extracts, to infuse moisture and calm irritation.

3Sweet Mandarin Hand Mask from Le Mini Macaron, $5


Can we talk about how ALL of the packaging from Le Mini Macaron looks like a screenshot from a psychedelic animation? We’re into it. In any case, the Sweet Mandarin Hand Mask is ideal if your hands feel dull or crepey. The formula includes gingko biloba, mandarin orange, and fig.

4Karuna Age Defying Hand Mask from Sephora, $9.50


Regardless of whether or not you’re trying to defy your age (aging is natural!), this sheet mask is a great treatment for dark spots or dry hands. Infused with shea butter for deep moisture, peptides and hyaluronic acid for plumping, and arbutin for brightening, this will give your hands a little rest and relaxation.

5Avocado Hand Mask from Sephora, $6


This bad boy will give your hands a soft bath of avocado so you can feel like softness and moisture embodied.

6Aloe Vera Hand Mask from Sephora, $6


These gloves are all about calming irritated hands and are ideal for the summertime when many of us are fighting sunburns and various levels of sun damage.

7APIEU 3-Step Silky Hands Maker from Vuty Design, $3.58


This three-step set includes an exfoliating hand scrub, sheet masks for your nails, and a deep-moisturizing cream for your hands. Now you can give your hands the full loving treatment.

8Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hand Mask from Vuty Design, $3.61


While the skin care trend of snail secretion will always be conceptually funny, snail extract contains hyaluronic acid and copper peptides, all of which plump and moisturize your skin. This is the one scenario where you’ll want to touch a snail.

9Tony Moly Lovely Peach Hand Mask from Yes Style, $4.41


This hand mask smells like a spring orchard dream and will moisturize your hands with peach and honeysuckle extract.

10Karuna Hydrating Hand Mask from Sephora, $9.50


This mask will feel like a lotion bath for your hands. It’s infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, and Japanese camillia oil so your hands can feel as soft as a well rested baby’s.

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