10 Signs You’re Getting Better With Age

As children, we just couldn’t wait to grow up. Then when we finally did, we quickly realized being ‘grown up’ wasn’t at all what we expected it to be. We went from innocent, wide-eyed kids to 20-somethings running around with our heads cut off. But in the midst of the 20 something struggles and the longing for the good old days of monkey bars and juice boxes, there will come a moment of clarity where you’ll just know: like fine wine, you’re only getting better with age, darlings. Life is about growth and transformation. It’s about healing and revelations.

While we’re still all learning what it really means to grow up, here are some signs you’re well on your way:

1. “What will we become? We become ourselves.” You’ve realized that you will only ever be you and so you need to find the strength to love yourself unconditionally. Self acceptance and self love are so incredibly important. You have to learn to be comfortable in your own company. “Know yourself, Like yourself, Be yourself”.

2. You understand the importance of your career (career trumps sex with randoms) and you’ve spent time perfecting your interview skills. Interviews are important for networking. There’s always a chance you won’t be right for this position, but leaving a good impression could score you a call for the next job opening.

3. A very dear friend once said, “If I can go to the gynecologist, I can leave my social media profiles open” and I couldn’t agree more. The same way you take responsibility for your actions and major life decisions, you are expected to take responsibility for your tweets and Instagram flicks.

4. You understand that it is totally acceptable to disconnect from the people around you who no longer add to your life. Yes! That means hit that ‘unfollow’ button, girl! If they’re making you feel like anything less than the Queen you are, then they deserve no place in your fabulous world.

5. You know that having been ‘that girl’ is nothing to be ashamed of. We have all been THAT GIRL (or guy). You know the one, that girl who thinks she can change a guy. The one who stays when she knows she deserves better. There is no shame in making mistakes as long as you learn the lessons they come with.

6. While you’re completely aware you’ll never understand the intricacies of LOVE, you have grasped the following:

– At some point you may love someone who won’t love you back.

– At some point you may have to break someone’s heart by telling them you can’t offer them what they need from you relationship-wise.

– You will never experience true love if you refuse to share yourself completely and be vulnerable to the object of your affection.

7. You’re NOT afraid to stand up for yourself! If you don’t say anything, things won’t change. Ask for what you want. You deserve that raise…go for it!

8. You have found the perfect skin care system that works for you. While your skin is gorgeous now, it won’t stay that way unless you take care of it. You don’t have to spend a lot, you just need to take the time to figure out what products work best for you. Also, don’t forget your water!

9. You have a ‘rainy day’ fund. It’s okay to splurge every once in a while but make sure you’re saving regularly.

10. You understand that people will always have something to say about your work, appearance and probably everything else but you no longer give a sh*t.

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