10 Signs You’re An Early Bird

Many kids rise earlier than adults, but I was never like that. Five nights a week, bedtime would approach and I’d start feeling anxious, as going to sleep meant waking up to another miserable school day. I never wanted breakfast, my parents were way too spirited and energetic, and I had a full day of teachers and annoying classmates to deal with before repeating the sad routine over and over until graduation. As a child, mornings felt like purgatory, a place to go before the really bad stuff unfolds, but now that I’m in my late 20s, there’s nothing I love more than the clean slate of a new day.

Some feel most at peace during the evening while others would rather be asleep before midnight. Here’s how to determine whether you fall into the latter category, which is great for your overall well-being.

10. You’re chatty in the morning

Even when everyone around you is not!

9. You look forward to a cup of coffee the night before

Turning on the Keurig is one of the best parts of my morning, and I get excited about it before bed every night.

8. You have a morning routine

Rolling out of bed and throwing on the only clean clothes around is not your style. You have a specific morning routine, which may involve anything from situps to catching up on the news. You understand structure and habit make for productive days.

7. You do your best work before the rest of the world is up

When I was living on the East Coast, I liked showing up to the office earlier than everyone else to take care of non-work related tasks, and this allowed me to attend to all my responsibilities without others watching or interrupting my process. Morning people like being awake before the rest of the world so they can get things done in peace. It’s also nice to hit Starbucks before the 9:00 a.m. rush!

6. You’re the alarm clock for other people

Anytime someone has to wake up early, my grandmother, who gets up at 5:00 a.m. each day, gives that person a call. You never know when you might sleepily turn off your alarm clock, but morning people will keep phoning away until they know you’re off the mattress.

5. You cannot stay up late anymore

And you probably doze off in front of the TV.

4. Let alone go out

Clubbing? Drinking? Making out at a bar? Yeah right, those days have been over for a while. You’re staying in this weekend.

3. You’re real eager to get a pet

We all want puppies in theory, but these little ones require lots of early morning trips to the bathroom. You know you’re a morning person when the thought of waking up before it’s light out to walk an animal doesn’t fill you with dread. I’ll get to this point in a few years, but for now, I kind of like crawling out of bed at my convenience and not when my furry friend has to relieve himself.

2. Your friends say they’ve woken up to your morning texts or calls

I’m absolutely guilty of this, and it makes me a terrible pal (unless the other person asked to be woken up early that day).

1. You wake up and feel inspired for another day

You’re not tired. OK, maybe you’re a little groggy, but that’s nothing compared to the excitement you feel about starting a new day. Hello world, hear me roar!

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