10 Signs Your Dog Owns You

“My rescue dog rescued me.” I’ve seen this phrase on bumper stickers and t-shirts all over the place, and noticed it even more after rescuing my dog last year and finding the phrase to be true. It’s amazing to think that I once had a life without my dog in it. It’s even more amazing to think that I never would have met my dog, had I not walked into the Human League that day. My husband and I knew from the minute we met him that he was a great addition to the family.

Since then, the relationship we’ve had with our dog has grown. We know how to communicate with him, he knows how to communicate back, and we very much enjoy each other’s company. At times, I start feeling as if my dog owns me, based on the way things have gone.

Here are ten signs that your dog, indeed, owns you.

1. Your Phone Primarily Holds Pictures Of Your Dog. In fact, if you counted, your dog would beat out your family members and your significant other combined. Every time you get a sense that your puppy is about to do something cute, you make sure that your phone is nearby to catch the event – and then you share it on Facebook.

2. You Feel Terrible When Your Dog Sleeps In His Crate, And Not On (Or In!) Your Bed. While he seemed happy before realizing your bed was a viable option for snoozing, there are many reasons as to why your pup probably shouldn’t get used to sleeping solely next to you. But – those eyes! Does he think you’re mad at him if you need some space for the night?!

3. Your Pet Gets Multiple Christmas Presents. In fact, your dog seems just as excited about Christmas as you do, and has been such a champion by not sneaking into his or her stocking too early.

4. If Your Dog Isn’t Invited, You Might Not Go. Many people have the luxury of being able to bring Fido along for trips back home to see the family – but some people just might not see your furry companion the way you do. Trips to locations where other guests might see your dog as being a great way to bring dirt and grime into their home (instead of love and kisses) might be kind of tough for you. You also fear vacations where the dreaded “no dogs allowed” sentence is uttered, since you can’t imagine having as much fun without your pet. Don’t they know that your dog is a family member as well? (Sidenote: Those with allergies are definitely not included in this thought. Pet allergies can be quite a bummer.)

5. New Boyfriends or Girlfriends Have To Get Along With Your Dog. In fact, if your dog starts growling at them for no particular reason (as dogs sometimes do), you take it as an early warning sign that things just might not work out.

6. Your Dog Has His or Her Own Hashtag. Since so many of your pictures cross over to Instagram, it’s important for you to be able to have quick access to all of your dog pictures at once. You’ve even gotten creative, but picking a tag that nobody could ever possibly think of for their own pictures. Sure, #FidoTheAmazingBostonTerrierWhoIsSuperGreat might be a bit long – but, it’s yours.

7. Your Dog Eats Better Than You Do. Yeah, you stopped at Burger King for lunch three times this week. But whatever – you’ll go to the gym more in 2014. But for your dog, it’ll always be natural and grain free. Even if it costs an arm and a leg, your dog deserves the good stuff.

8. You’ve Embraced Dog Clothes. At first, you thought the idea was silly. Then, your dog’s grandma got him a cute little sweater for his birthday. “Fine, I’ll entertain the idea”, you thought to yourself after putting the sweater on him. Then you realized that he didn’t seem to mind it, and looked adorable. Now, your dog has his own wardrobe. Including numerous Halloween costumes.

9. When Things Get Tough, You Begin Thinking That Your Dog Is The Only Person Who Understands You. If you just lost your job, your dog will still be there to provide endless cuddles without asking you about whether or not you contacted so-and-so up the street, who used to work for that pharmaceutical company. You know, the person you barely know who seems somewhat successful in whatever they do that isn’t interesting.

10. Your Dog Knows Your Schedule Better Than You Do. In case, you almost think you can trade in your alarm clock. Fluffy knows that 6 AM is her time to go outside, and at 6 AM, she’ll get you out of bed and tell you. Which is great, if you embraced the idea of a lazy weekend, but probably should take a shower at some point.

How many of these points can you relate to? Tell us a little about your best furry friend!

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