10 Signs He’s Probably Mr. Right

Usually, true love goes beyond looks and sex. Sure, your guy may pull off a V-neck and your sex life could be beyond compare, but if you’re really dating a keeper, love should transcend all of that. We spend our entire lives creating the perfect man in our heads, but sometimes when he’s right in front of us, we don’t even notice. Here are some signs that could indicate that he’s The One.

10. He knows all your particular particulars.

When you’re at a restaurant, he offers to eat the asparagus off your plate because he knows you hate it. All of his birthday presents for you are not only thoughtful, but magical. He’ll buy you that skirt you were ogling at Anthropologie like eight months ago, or he’ll know the exact chocolate truffle you like best.  It’s like he actually listens to you twenty-four seven or something.

9. In the morning, you don’t even have to sneak out of bed to brush your teeth and fix your hair.

This guy adores you with morning breath, frizzy hair, smudged makeup and all.

8. He gets you a subscription to Cosmo because he knows you’re too embarrassed to get it yourself.

He doesn’t judge or make fun of your guilty pleasures. At least, not majorly.

7. A day spent in bed is the best day ever.

And no, I’m not just talking about sex! Spending a Saturday at home, cuddled up with pizza, a bottle of wine and the first season of Orange is the New Black is just as good or even better than a night out.

6. He knows when to pick up some Caramel Crunch ice cream for you.

You never (or rarely) have to ask him to do something for you when it’s clear you need it. If you’re sick or having a really crappy day, he knows just what to do to cheer you up, whether that’s a back rub or a home-cooked meal. A guy who is able to put his problems aside for a few hours and makes sure that you know he truly cares is totally a keeper.

5. He can admit when he’s wrong.

It might take a few hours or even a day or two, but if he finally realizes he is in the wrong and does his best to apologize, then you’ve got yourself a guy who is willing to at least compromise.

4. You’ve made a million mix CDs and he’s kept every single one.

He’s kept your notes, your flirty e-mails, and maybe even some movie ticket stubs.

3. He makes you feel prettier than Mila Kunis.

And let’s face it; she’s freaking hot. But regardless of how broken out you are, how horrible your new haircut turned out, how gross you feel during that time of the month, the guy for you is going to make you feel like the “sun shines out of your ass,” as Juno’s dad would say.

2. He’s straightforward.

He never pulls on your heart strings, never leaves your texts unanswered, always shows up on time, and never, ever lies to you. Even if he knows you’ll be pissed with the truth.

1. He makes you a better person.

This guy makes you want to be healthy, check off everything on your bucket list, and conquer all of your bad habits. He doesn’t validate your existence, he brightens it. He isn’t your counterpart, but he’s certainly a pretty big part. He lets you be you, and he loves every bit of that individuality.

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