10 Signs Your BFF Knows You Better Than Anyone Else

Last year, I attended an improv show where a fellow audience member had the most ridiculous, sinister and maniacal laugh I’d ever heard. He hijacked the entire performance with his malevolent cackling, and after 20 minutes of nonstop noise-making on his end, I recorded the laugh for my three best childhood friends , as I knew they’d find it just as insane and hilarious as I did. Sure enough, my BFFs were equally amused by the guy’s laugh, and while other folks I sent it to thought I was weird for documenting a stranger’s reaction to comedy onstage, the ladies who know me best understood exactly why I found it funny, as they couldn’t stop giggling about it either.

True friends share a sense of humor and know each other inside and out. Here are some signs that you and your pal know each other better than anyone else.

10. You hear something goofy and immediately know your friend would laugh if she were there

And the situation would have been even funnier had your friend been present! You, of course, would laugh even harder with her there.

9. When you post cryptic status updates on social media, you get a text or call

Most will ignore your thinly-disguised troubles, but your BFFs see right away that you’re crying for help, and they’re here to rescue you. They can also call your bluff and tell the difference between an alarming message and a harmless one.

8. You can go long stretches of time without hanging out or talking and still be able to pick up where you left off

Maybe you’ve been too busy to catch up or do something fun, but once you’re together again, it’s like you never left each other.

7. They know your family situation inside out and vice versa

Your BFF may as well be part of the family because she knows all your secrets and eccentricities.

6. They know when you’re getting yourself in trouble

I used to have a terrible tendency to look for problems, and my good friend Crystal helped me overcome it by saying, “You keep waiting for the crap to hit the fan, but there is no crap so you create it.” True friends recognize your weaknesses and help you avoid falling into toxic traps that ultimately hurt you.

5. You look at each other and just start cracking up

Outsiders don’t understand what’s going on, and in all honesty, neither do you two, but you’re on the same wavelength and just can’t stop giggling around each other.

4. You have tons of inside jokes and shared experiences that would horrify and/or confuse others

You’ll take these jokes to your grave. Not even your husband or wife will ever know about some of the silly things you and your friends have laughed about.

3. You love your new friends, but nothing compares to what you two have

New friends are awesome, but you can forever be silly and ridiculous with these ladies. It doesn’t matter if you’re 23 or 83 —when you’re around each other, it’s magical.

2. When you post legitimate sad social media updates, she knows exactly what’s going on

As well as who you’re posting about. When people in your life hurt you, they’re also hurting her.

1. There’s nothing you could do that would scare or surprise her

I have a long, fraught history of sleep walking/talking/disorientation, and when I stayed in a hotel with my best buddy Crystal two months ago, I woke up confused and staring at her. Rather than label me a total creeper, she laughed about the puzzling encounter, which she knew all too well during childhood sleepovers. There’s nothing unusual enough to scare away your BFFs, especially if they’ve been accustomed to your eccentricities for a while.

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