10 Reasons Why Kittens Are Fantastic

While some people might not be “cat people“, I think it’s safe to say that everyone can at least appreciate a good kitten. What’s not to like about kittens? Especially since owning a kitten can decrease your stress level significantly – after all, people who own pets have been known to live longer. Did I mention that they’re adorable? Kittens are adorable.

Here are ten other reasons we’re in love with these furry balls of joy.

1. Cats love sleeping.

Just as much as we do. But unlike humans, cats spend an average of two thirds of their day sleeping. One reason that kittens sleep so much is because a growth hormone is released only when they’re napping.

2. Cats rule over dogs in America.

According to the American Humane Society, 95.6 million cats were owned, while 83.3 million households owned a dog.

3. Cats typically don’t meow at other cats – they save this cute little form of communication for humans.

Which is sweet, since cats can make well over 100 noises.

4. Cats have their own form of fingerprints – but, they’re more like noseprints.

A cat’s nose pad is ridged with a unique pattern. If you have multiple kitties, try to compare!

5. A kitten can be more social if you’re social with them.

The more you talk to your cat, the more he or she will meow back at you. Cats can also differentiate the tone in your voice, so they’re likely to know if you’re upset with them. Since an estimated 95% of all cat owners admit they talk to their cats, there are a lot of chatty tabbies out there.

6. Kittens have absolutely beautiful eyes!

While most kittens are born with blue eyes, they typically change as they get older. And in relation to their body size, cats have the largest eyes of any mammal.

7. Kittens begin dreaming at just over one week old.

Who knows what they’re dreaming about? Maybe it’s you! But it’s probably tuna fish.

8. Do you own a Kindle?

Besides being the name for the popular electronic device, it’s also the way to refer to “a group of kittens”. Sure, I like my Kindle, but I think my heart would melt over a kindle. (A group of adult cats is known as a “clowder”, by the way. It’s equally fun to say.)

9. Kittens are simplistic.

If you’re in the process of adopting one, keep in mind that the fancy toys will likely be ignored. What they’ll love you for is the plastic bag you brought the toys home in. If only buying gifts for humans were that easy.


10. Did I mention they’re adorable? I did? Well, it deserves to be mentioned again. 

Image Credits: , DowntownPet, NationalReview

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