10 Reasons We Can’t Help But Like Frank Underwood

If you’ve spent the type of hours I have binge watching House of Cards, then I think you probably have developed some opinions about Frank Underwood. (If you haven’t, there may or may not be a few spoilers below– so watch out.) Is Francis the most moral character? Certainly not. Would you want to be anywhere alone with him? Never. So what is it about his twisted personality that we find so appealing?

His wonderful accent

Francis Underwood, born and raised in South Carolina, is a true southern gentlemen with a voice like cashmere to go along with it. Even though Frank is bad through and through, it’s hard not to get entranced by his voice. It’s soothing and charming and seems to take Frank a long way in his career, let alone with the audience.

He speaks to me, he speaks to us all

To be honest, I found Frank’s asides really annoying in Season 1 of House of Cards. However, as soon as I was 90% done with episode 1 of Season 2 and he hadn’t done one yet, I really started to miss them. Frank really makes the viewer feel like we’re a part of his life, like we matter, like he cares about each and every one of us… Wait a minute – are we all falling into his trap? I like it.

He loves to jog

This may not seem important, but Frank’s brisk runs to burn off stress promote physical activity for all Americans. Who needs the “Let’s Move” campaign when you’ve got “Jogging with The Underwoods”? Not only are they fit, but Francis and his wife Claire dress in all black while running, showing that it’s possible to look chic and menacing while being active. I really value this leadership.

He’s career-driven

Frank Underwood knows what he wants and exactly how to get it. Of course, he takes this to a more extreme level than the average person climbing the corporate ladder, but he does want to be President, which requires a bit more effort than the average executive role. Sure, he kills a few people along the way, but c’mon, no one gets to his level with LinkedIn connections alone.

He’s great at networking

In addition to Frank’s career aspirations, he really pays attention the those around him, especially those individuals who may be of use to him now or later down the road. He makes connections and helps people get where they want to go… to ultimately help himself. It’s networking at its most extreme. When I say “of use to him”, I mean he really uses these people and if they don’t stay loyal, he’ll just blackmail them, keep them locked in a house or kill them. Obviously.

He loves BBQ

I mean, he REALLY loves BBQ. That’s admirable. I like a politician who can talk policy while his hands are covered in mesquite. Don’t you? Not only that, but Frank only goes to the best place to get his BBQ: Freddy’s. And he likes Freddy’s so much, that he had Freddy himself come to his home and cook dinner for him, his wife and the President and First Lady. Sauce is boss, dude.

He’s married to a fierce lady

You can’t fully understand Frank Underwood until you’ve had a chance to get to know Claire, his wife. Knowing her helps to fully paint a picture of Frank’s intensity and shows he’s not afraid to be married to someone who has their own career and interests, as long as she cares about priority number one, too – the Oval. And I think that’s okay, because we should be supportive of our significant other’s interests. Claire also reminds me of Cersei Lannister, which means that she’s terrifying and possibly having an incestuous relationship with a brother. Far fetched, but possible.

He presents Oscars

Not just anyone can present an Oscar and certainly hardly any characters. Just Frank. He graced the stage with his presence and captivated the audience and viewers with his southern charm. I must admit I was waiting for him to casually glance off to a side camera and speak to me. Sadly that didn’t happen, but it was great to see is menacing face.

He has a personal driver, bodyguard and lover all in one.

Meechum – he’s a total triple threat. Frank was very careful about selecting an individual who could protect him, his wife and their secrets. Not only their political secrets, but their sexual secret: threesomes. I’ll leave it at that, but if you haven’t already, go ahead and work your way through Season 2. Passion abounds.

The President

That’s his job. That’s all I need to say.

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