10 Reasons to Take More Baths

Next month, one of my good friends is having her bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Though I’m excited to drink Sin City’s famous giant margaritas again and even force myself to wear high heels for a change, I know I’d rather spend my own bachelorette celebration at a spa, as I prefer relaxing comfortably over wild partying. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy baths so much, even though it’s tough to find the time for them.

Showers are quick and seem to clean us off better, but baths ultimately provide a more interesting experience, and here’s why.

10. You can read (and do lots of other things) in the bath.

When I was a kid, I only had to worry about dropping my books or diaries in the bathtub. Nowadays, we have iPhones, iPads, Kindles, tablets and more at stake. Though you definitely need to be careful with reading materials in the bath, you can still multitask and that’s pretty awesome.

9. They ease tension.
If you’re knotted up thanks to stress of all kinds, a bath will help you and your muscles relax. A massage might ultimately be more beneficial, but baths don’t hurt and are much cheaper than masseuses. Add a mimosa to the mix and you’ll be on Cloud 9.

8. They can help get rid of a cold.

The warm water will open up your sinuses and pores and get your body ready to cleanse. If the water is hot enough, you’ll begin to sweat and out the toxins will go.

7. Baths aren’t meant to be rushed.

I associate morning showers with scrambling to run out the door for work. A bath cannot be timed, so you wouldn’t want to take one shortly before heading to the office.

6. They conjure up childhood memories.

I was obsessed with baths as a kid, and though I’m not interested in reliving childhood all the time, it can be funny to revisit old habits, especially ones that involved bubbles, floating toys and writing messages on the walls with soap (I know, I was weird). Baths are more about relaxing than playing nowadays, but it’s still amusing to think about the difference.

5. They’re more personal than showers.
It can be nice to shower with another person, but a bath for two is a lot harder to do. Most tubs are only made for one person at a time, so unless you’re at a fancy hotel or house with significant bath space, you’d be pretty uncomfortable sharing the experience with someone else. In the right circumstances, taking a bath with someone else is just fine, but more often than not it’s intended to be enjoyed solo, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

4. Unless you’re Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber…

Okay, they get a pass…

3. Same with Jessa and Hannah in Girls.

But no snot rockets in the tub allowed!

2. Baths are decent substitutes for hot tubs, which can make you time travel.

Thanks to this movie, we know the dangers of some hot tubs…

1. They keep the memory of All That’s Pierre Escargot alive.

And who doesn’t miss this legendary Nickelodeon show?!

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