10 Reasons to be Terrifyingly Excited for ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’

It’s official. Co-creator and (evil) genius Ryan Murphy announced that AHS’s fourth season will be subtitled “Freak Show.” This perfectly hints to the impending horrors: AHS: Freak Show is going to be set in a “spooky carnival” and will take place in glorious 1950s Florida. As an AHS addict, I approve of these decisions, and can hardly wait for all the creepy carnies, rickety rides, and obviously the scary clowns. Here are 10 more reasons and predictions as to why you should join the excitement:

1. It’s Jessica Lange’s last year with AHS

I know. I’m really sad, too. Jessica always plays my favorite character, and she nails it every time. A failed actress and jealous ghost-child hoarder? An alcoholic nun who goes crazy? A power-hungry Supreme witch? Jessica Lange is a queen, and I don’t know what AHS will do without her. But for now, let’s happily anticipate another awesome season with her. According to Entertainment Weekly, Jessica plays a German ex-pat who manages a freak show.

2. Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett are back

Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett clearly couldn’t get enough of the guts and the gore. They’re back, and they’re gonna get their freak on as Jessica’s collection of “unusuals.”

3. What can go wrong at a carnival? Everything.

For something that is supposed to be so fun, carnivals are awfully creepy. Maybe it’s the music, the miserable and overworked carnies, or maybe it’s the way people exploited humans with natural (or artificial) defects for monetary gain.  I have a feeling we’re going to witness the most twisted season yet.

4. I’m expecting at least 6 or 7 gruesome ride deaths

There’s something innately sketchy about rides that are held together with glue and rusty nails. Plus, don’t those rides get built in a matter of days? That’s not okay. I can already envision the “accidental” decapitations and sex on ferris wheels gone WAY wrong.

5. Russian spies?

Ready for a mini history lesson? Okay, good. After World War II, America and The Soviet Union, both powerhouses at the time, had an extremely tense relationship. Each country had the weaponry to completely decimate the other. Americans despised communism, and this paranoia caused an insane amount of animosity towards anyone from Russia (or China, Cuba, Korea). Spies were all over the place. It wouldn’t surprise me if Ryan Murphy incorporated the horrors of post-WWII into Freak Show, since he’s done similar things in the past (i.e. Anne Frank and the Nazi doctor in Asylum).

6. Crazy NASA scientists and maybe some zombie astronauts

Also brewing post-WWII? The Space Race. The USSR and US were at each other’s throats in terms of space supremacy. This was a huge deal at the time, so I wonder if Murphy would include something about NASA and space travel. Maybe he can tie up some of those season two loose ends with the alien business (they were just former USSR cosmonauts!).

7. The amazing cars!

Ugh. I love old cars. They’re so cool.

8. Jessica is going to dance to Doo Wop for sure

If there is one thing we have learned from AHS, it’s that Jessica knows how to groove. Whether she’s dating a murderous jazz player or breaking out into song, Glee-style, Jessica loves to perform. I’ll be kind of disappointed if we don’t get to rock out to Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley at least once.

9. The clothes

The AHS costume department is killer (no pun intended!). It’s no Mad Men, but it’s pretty effing close.

10. Did I mention clowns?

There are going to be a few blood-thirsty clowns that prevent us from ever sleeping alone, again, right?

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