10 Reasons Rainy Days Are The Best

I live in San Diego, so our rainy days are pretty much equivalent to snow days: people freak out, post Facebook statuses about the weather, and suddenly become terrible drivers.  In all seriousness, I love rainy days. They are the only hope for “real” weather Southern California has, so I embrace them and soak them up (literally, sometimes). Romanticized or not, rainy days have their perks, such as:

1. Using them as an excuse to stay in bed all day

I’m not advocating that you call out of work or skip school, but once in a while it’s just nice to stay at home and relax. That way, you don’t have to deal with the physicality of a rainy day (soggy socks and wet hair all day long) and you get to truly enjoy it.

2. Listening to rain drops tap your window pane

I love just sitting next to a window and listening to rain and feeling all poetic. It’s the best. Especially when you have an amazing book and a cup of hot tea.

3. Not having to water the flowers

I tried thinking about something funny to say about watering plants, but I seriously can’t think of anything. There is absolutely nothing funny about watering plants. But with that said, it’s kind of a relief knowing that Mother Nature is taking care of a chore for you.

4. Cooking and baking something especially comforting

Rainy days are Crockpot days for me! While I’m off frolicking in puddles (AKA wrapped up in a blanket watching Sherlock), I’ve got some soup going and maybe even a cherry crisp in the works. I even have a “Rainy Day Recipes” Pinterest board, so you know I take weather and food coordination very seriously (I also have “It’s Way Too Hot To Cook,” and “Why Isn’t It Crisp Fall Weather Recipes” boards).

5. Watching your cat watch falling rain in fascination

Do dogs do this too? While my cat probably doesn’t even know what rain is (she’s an indoor cat), watching her watch rain is hilarious. She is straight up bewildered. Sometimes, she even tries to swat at the rain and I can tell she feels a sense of animalistic disappointment when she realizes she hasn’t captured ANYTHING.

6. Getting to wear your super warm hoodie and rain boots

Now is the time to whip out those Hunter rain boots and your favorite hoodie because it will probably be awhile before you get to wear them again!

7. Finally going through your e-mail inbox

Bad weather means finally getting around to organizing my inbox, updating my blogs, going through old documents, sorting through clothes I need to donate, and other not totally horrible activities, but activities I don’t want to participate in when it’s sunny.

8. Putting up your hair like you just don’t care

It’s raining, so why bother doing your hair if it’s going to get wet or at the very least, extremely frizzy? Bun it, push back your bangs with a headband, and enjoy a hassle-free, low-maintenance day.

9. Throwing a movie marathon, hot chocolate included

Combine Netflix with a cup of anything hot (tea, chocolate, coffee, rum) and you have my perfect day.

10. Feeling extra inspired

Gloomy days are usually my best days for writing. I spend all day writing anyway, so it’s not because I’m trapped inside that makes me so productive.  Rain must have a magical property to it that makes us more whimsical and creative, right? As I type this, it’s sadly not raining, but think about how much better this article would be if it was!

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