10 reasons why Paris is one of the most underrated characters on “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls has a cast of characters that is just as memorable as our beloved Gilmores: Rory, Lorelai, and Emily. Leading that cast of sidekicks is Rory Gilmore’s loveably biting frenemy Paris Geller. Paris, Rory’s nemesis turned friend, is the yin to Rory’s scholastic yang. We loved watching their competitive natures and love of learning blossom into a real, honest friendship. And so we were thrilled when we learned that Paris is returning on the Gilmore Girls reboot! And it looks like they’ll be in one of their happy places: school! Chilton, in fact. (Now we just want to find out if Paris is still dating Doyle. Those two were meant for one another!) Below are ten of the reasons why Paris is one of the most underrated characters on Gilmore Girls.


1. Paris is one of the few characters who can keep up with the Gilmore’s many references


Seriously, half of Paris and Rory’s witty repartee is above our heads… but that makes it nonetheless enjoyable.

2. She says (and feels) what we are afraid to say.


She’s sort of a more preppy version of our beloved antiheroine Daria, when you think of it. She does not believe the rules of common decency apply to her.


3. Paris recovered from her emotional breakdown at Chilton with aplomb


And seriously, who implodes better than Paris Geller?

4. Paris has her priorities right


Even in high school, Paris couldn’t be distracted by regular teenage things like, you know, hormones.

5. And yet, for all her bravado, Paris is a secret softie


Remember how anxious she was about her first boyfriend, Jamie? We all felt for Paris. Well, until she cheated on Jamie with Professor Fleming that is. (Yet, only Paris Geller would have the maturity to date a much-older man!)


6. Paris and Rory had that magically dorky spring break together


You were doing it right, Rory. Together, you two are perfect. Watch The Power of Myth as much as you want!

7. Paris isn’t afraid to stick up for her friends


While everyone is busy arguing over Dean, Logan, or Jess, Paris has absolutely no problems telling Logan off. Hear her roar!

8. Only Paris can get away with using the word “hate” for “love”


Who didn’t cry at this moment? Seriously, I like Lane and all, but Paris is a true bestie.

9. Paris’ burns are classic Gilmore Girls-level genius




The girl is an absolute fountain of witty insults, and we love her for it.

10. She never puts on airs


Paris does not care about fashion. All she cares about is a person’s intellect.

Bonus: She has a revenge notebook.


What we wouldn’t give to read Paris’ Revenge Notebook. Warner Bros. and Netflix, take note: this is an excellent marketing opportunity. Please, please, please make it available to us loyal fans!


Paris is more than intense, Rory. She’s amazing.

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