10 Reasons Office Jobs Aren’t So Bad

Some of my friends used to say they’d rather die than get stuck in a cubicle somewhere, and while the Office Space culture is scary in theory, a little structure never hurt anyone. Take it from a gal who’s had more than a handful of desk positions and odd jobs. Though the same routine everyday can feel boring after a while, it’s a lot better than other areas of the workforce. Here are some reasons office jobs aren’t as mind-numbing or awful as many fear.

10. Co-workers

When college is over, it’s tough to branch out and make friends, and that’s one of the many reasons it pays to have good colleagues. Some of my best friends are former co-workers, and while I wouldn’t recommend getting too chummy with everyone, having a handful of solid, faithful buddies will benefit you professionally and personally. Friendships also boost morale!

9. Snacks

Not all offices have snacks, but those that do have that extra motivator to do good work. At my first post-grad job, there was a ping pong table and assortment of treats in the kitchen, so even though I gained some weight over time, I didn’t have to buy lunch and always had a treat waiting for me at the end of a long day.

8. Stability

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my mid-late twenties, it’s that stability should not be taken for granted. This is the sort of thing my college self wouldn’t have wanted to hear, but a little bit of certainty in life is OK, and having that at work can go a long way. I wouldn’t always play it safe, but I’ll never take the security of an office job for granted.

7. Supplies

Nothing gets me more excited for office jobs than work supplies. It’s like back-to-school season only less traumatic. I love having pens, pencils, notepads, Post-Its, tape and other goodies at my fingertips, and it’s a bonus that I don’t even have to do homework with them.

6. Paid leave and sick days

I’m aware that not all office jobs have clear vacation and illness policies, but many of them are upfront about these two aspects of the job from the beginning, and it’s helpful to know how much time you have to block off for trips and such. If you’re working odd jobs, you probably won’t get either of these things, and that makes it a lot harder to enjoy life as a whole.

5. Insurance

It floors me that we live in a country in which healthcare is (mostly) determined by employment. Because I don’t have a full-time job, I’m deemed unworthy of this necessity, so fingers crossed I don’t get sick until someone hires me! Those of you with grown-up jobs often receive insurance to go with it, and even though it seems like a given to have healthcare, it’s merely a privilege in this nation, so cheers to office jobs that provide this to workers.

4. Accountability 

Working from home is convenient but makes it easy to goof off. Going into the office eliminates this for the most part. Sure we check our Facebook pages and favorite website (HelloGiggles!) from time to time. We’re only human. Being surrounded by other humans keeps us in check, though.

3. Incentive to dress well everyday

As much as I enjoy typing away in bed and loafing around in my pajamas, professional attire puts me in the right mindset to work. Because you can’t go to the office in PJs (unless your workplace has adopted Pajama Day like in junior high), you have to look your best or at least close to it. This can help prevent slacking of any kind and makes lazywear seem that much more amazing once you clock out for the day.

2. Consistency

This is a little different from stability. It’s nice to know you’re well taken care of at work, but it’s also healthy to have a place to go to every single day. The monotony is rough at times, but I miss this part of full-time employment more than anything else … with the exception of a steady paycheck, of course.

1. Sitting down

I’ve been laid off and terminated before, leading me to take odd and unglamorous jobs of all kinds, and by that, I mean babysitting. I adore children and can’t wait to have my own someday, but serving them is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. Having a mean boss or toxic colleagues can be psychologically damaging, but adults respond to reason. Kids are not rational beings, so watching them is physically draining. Jobs that require movement can suck all the energy and life out of you, so be thankful if you rarely have to get up from your desk at work. It’s not fun to sit all day, so make sure to work out later on, but just be glad you’re not chasing wild youngsters around.

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