10 Reasons Meryl Streep Is the Queen of Everything

Meryl Streep is as good as it gets. No exceptions. The Jersey girl may be a superstar, but don’t let that fool you. She’s all about the work she does, and it’s clear she invests in every role given to her, whether powerful or simply forgettable. I could go on forever listing her exceptional attributes, but here are ten solid bullet points that should hold you over for a while.

10. She was a drama geek in high school.

Gigglers, I assume most of you would agree that high school geeks make the best adults ever. Meryl Streep proves my point, as she was a drama nerd as a teenager, and look how cool she made it look:

She was also a cheerleader, so she wasn’t one-dimensional either. Meryl the actress can wear many hats, and Meryl the high school girl was the same way.

9. There’s no ego – just raw talent.

I can imagine it’d be easy to become arrogant in Hollywood, which is why it’s amazing that Meryl never seemed to let success get to her head. She owns every single part she receives without being swallowed up by the fame monster. Co-star Olivia Coleman once said of working alongside her, “She’s got nothing to prove so there’s no ego; she was lovely to be around.”

8. Even Leonardo DiCaprio adores her.

I’ve been in love with Leonardo DiCaprio since 1997, when he stole my 9-year-old heart with his Titanic performance, so anyone he admires absolutely intrigues me. DiCaprio performed with Meryl in Marvin’s Room and said of her talents, “I was 18 when I got to work with Meryl Streep. I remember going over my lines with her off-camera, looking at her and thinking to myself, ‘What is going on here? How is this going to look good?’ Then when I sat in the theater, it was, ‘Oh, my God, she’s the only person who looks completely natural’. Meryl may be the greatest actor in the world.” Sold.

7. She has three Academy Awards.

And has been nominated 18 times. Is she uninterested in nominations by now? Because I probably would be!

6. She’s up for another Academy Award this year.

Once again, Meryl is miles ahead of her competition for Best Actress. Will her August: Osage County performance land her a fourth Oscar? I can’t say I’d be upset if it did!

5. She portrayed the biggest ice queen ever in Devil Wears Prada.

I read the book prior to seeing the film, and the Miranda onscreen is much more sympathetic than the Miranda on the pages of Lauren Weisberger’s hit novel. Streep manages to burn Anne Hathaway every time they’re within ten feet of each other, yet makes you feel sorry for Miranda in the end. Miranda’s character has few redeeming qualities, and Streep brings them out. In what way, you ask? In the words of Streep/Priestly, “Please bore someone else with your questions. That’s all.”

4. She’s super sweet in It’s Complicated.

Talk about night and day! Miranda Priestly may be a wretched shallow magazine editor, but Jane Adler is as delightful as can be in this 2009 rom-com. Many people disliked the movie, but I came out of it wishing to be Meryl Streep. Think about it: she’s a strong Santa Barbara bakery owner who doesn’t need her smarmy ex-husband to live a good life. I want to grow up feeling half as fulfilled and together as this character.

3. She didn’t marry an actor.

Celebrity divorces are nothing new, but Meryl Streep avoided this kind of drama by marrying sculptor Don Gummer. They’re been together for 35 years and she has said of their relationship, “I don’t know what I’d do without my husband. I’d be dead, emotionally at least, if I hadn’t met him. He’s the greatest.” Melt what’s left of my Leo-poached heart, why don’t you! I guess this leads me to ask who the heck needs Leo when you can have a love like this? I mean, really?

2. You never see her in the tabloids.

Unlike Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians and a host of other A-listers, Meryl stays out of trouble – or at least keeps her turmoil away from the public eye. Smart lady!

1. She hasn’t always done good movies.

It’s okay to have some flops – I know what it’s like to write something I really don’t want to share or feel disappointed by the outcome of a passion project. You can’t learn without failure, and Meryl Streep certainly knows that not everything can be outstanding. I really hated Mamma Mia!, but her other films more than make up for that unfortunate discard. You can’t always pick winners, and people who do just aren’t relatable.

Do you love Meryl Streep as well? Tell me why in the comments section.

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