10 Reasons We Love ‘Playing House’

The hilarious new comedy series, Playing House, premiered last night on USA Network and the moment it ended, we were itching for more. The show is about two best friends who decide to make major life changes in order to raise a baby together. Maggie (played by Lennon Parham) decides to put an end to her marriage after discovering her husband’s odd affair. Emma (played by Jessica St. Clair) decides to leave her high-powered job to be there for her best friend and help her bring a baby into the world. The pilot episode was only 22-minutes long, but it was filled with loving moments between two besties, wonderfully uncomfortable harmonizing to a Kenny Loggins song, eating chocolate out of a diaper at a baby shower, and a heartbreaking cry session in a child’s playhouse. Basically, with the ups and downs of life, friendship is what’ll save your sanity. This show just gets it.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your life, this show is the answer. Not yet convinced? Here are 10 more reasons to tune in.

1. Because it features two leading ladies.

Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair play Maggie and Emma, and they share the spotlight in this show. The male characters are secondary. How often does this happen on TV? Not often enough.

2. Because it’s all about friendship.

The dynamic between Emma and Maggie is so natural, and accurately nails the childhood friend relationship. They know each other so well that their communication seamlessly flows in and out of inside jokes and familiar banter. Almost like an old couple that’s been married for 40 years.

3. Because it represents the very real struggle of maintaining a long distance friendship.

The show begins with Emma kicking ass and taking names in her executive role at work. She’s currently based in Shanghai but needs to fly back to her hometown in Connecticut for Maggie’s baby shower. Work can easily get in the way, and we need to actively make time for our friends. It’s a struggle, and this show illustrates that struggle.

4. Because there’s no need for cattiness or “frenemy” dynamics, this is 100% about love.

Sometimes stories with multiple ladies include moments of cattiness or disagreements relating to their relationships with men. Playing House doesn’t go there. When Maggie’s marriage starts to fall apart, Emma doesn’t judge Maggie. She supports her. She tries to guide her into the right decision and makes her feel better about everything that is currently slipping away. THAT is love.

5. Because the fear of returning to your hometown after years of being away is captured PERFECTLY.

Have you experienced this fear? I have. Driving down Main St, and possibly running into old friends? It might be fun for some, but for those of us who never felt like we fit in, it’s horrifying and uncomfortable.

6. Because there’s some seriously amazing harmonizing.

Best friends know how to rock out to cheesy tunes in the car, and Maggie and Emma are no exception. Good ol’ Kenny Loggins, anyone? Maggie gets low and Emma takes the high notes. You really don’t want to miss out.

7. Because running into exes unexpectedly is the WORST.

While singing Kenny Loggins into Maggie’s boob like it’s a microphone, Emma runs into her ex-boyfriend. The man who punched her v-card is now a cop. And it’s during that interaction that she learns he’s married to a girl named Tina….whom she finds out is the same girl they used to make fun of growing up. YIKES.

8. Because Zach Woods (AKA Gabe from The Office) is gloriously awkward and I can’t get enough.

When Michael Scott was preparing to leave Scranton, Gabe Lewis came in and added a uniquely strange vibe that seemed to soften the blow. As Maggie’s brother, Zach, he does it on Playing House as well. Aggressively flirty with Emma but odd and adorably nerdy, Zach’s presence only enhances the endless LOLs.

9. Because sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to, and that’s okay.

Maggie got married and thought she’d live happily ever after. She got pregnant and expected to raise the child with her husband. Things didn’t work out and now she’s alone. But not completely alone, because Emma has offered to move in with her and help her raise the baby. It might not be the happy ending she originally pictured, but it sounds like a pretty sweet plan B!

10. Because there will be flapjacks right when you need them.

When your life turns to sh**, your bestie will be there to make you pancakes. That is a fact.

Tune in every Tuesday night at 10/9C for new episodes of Playing House on USA Network!