10 Reasons Every Mom is a Cool Mom

My mother used to compete in beauty pageants, and as long as I’ve been alive, she had an effortless confidence about her. Shortly after graduation, we attended a family friend’s wedding, which had tons of young single men in attendance. Still wounded from a damaged college fling, I wanted to start dating again but lacked the self-esteem to approach anyone, so my mom stepped in and worked her magic at the rehearsal dinner.

“Hey guys,” she told a group of 20-somethings at the gathering, “Do you know who Jerry Rice is? He sat next to my daughter on an airplane once and they became fast friends.”

Just as quickly as she’d interrupted their bro time to sing my praises, she slipped away, leaving me with a bunch of excited men who suddenly had to know my story. For the next half hour, I talked about my encounter with the smooth football legend, shocked to hold the attention of multiple strangers. None of it would have been possible without my mom, who’s been around long enough to know how to appeal to all types of people. I’d say that’s pretty cool.

Whether you have a cool mom like Mean Girls ice queen Regina George does or spent much of your childhood shielding your face in public so no one knew you were related to your parents, every mom is cool deep down. You may think your mother is kind and nurturing, but here are ten reasons she’s also super cool. Happy Mother’s Day!

10. She’s seen you from the very beginning

Maybe you’re a successful banker or doctor today, but once upon a time, you were a screaming, incoherent baby going through diapers like water. Your mother has seen you at your most vulnerable and is so proud of who you are now, whether you have an impressive career or just a great personality. Cool mom Olivia Wilde just had her first kid and knows this already. The actress recently tweeted of her newborn Otis Alexander Sudeikis, “Having an infant son alerts me to the fact that every man, at one point, has peed on his own face. #awesome.” Yeah, that is pretty flippin’ #awesome.

9. She will always consider herself a work in progress

This evening I called my mom to tell her about this post, and though she wouldn’t admit to being cool, she agreed she’s got some pretty exceptional qualities. When I asked what made her cool, she said, “I try to always learn new things. In the tech industry, you have to remain innovative. I’ll always be working and I’ll always be learning. I don’t if that makes me cool, though.” Uh, yes it does. Big time.

8. She’s resourceful

My boyfriend’s mother has a true talent for filling up the dishwasher with as many plates, silverware and glasses as possible. When you have kids, you’ve got to be efficient in every single way, and whether your mom loves to cook or would rather order in (my mother!), parenthood taught her to find creative solutions in all situations.

7. She carried you around for nine months

A lot of people believe pregnancy is beautiful, but it wears on a woman’s body, and it’s dangerous as well as uncomfortable at times. Your mother gave up booze, cut down on coffee and eliminated sushi from her diet so you could develop in the womb, and that was only the beginning. She not only had to take care of her body for her own well-being, but yours as well. If you were adopted, your mother did all of the work that comes with parenthood, and that’s the other huge part of the journey.

6. She was always right about those silly boys you wanted to date

Remember the dude you liked in high school who was the “love of your life,” and didn’t end up being the love of your life? Your mom knew from the second she heard about him that he was just the first of many you’d fall for. If only you’d believed her back then!

5. She guided you through puberty

Menstruation can be traumatic and difficult to anticipate the first few years, but all moms have been there and know how to coach you through the awkward experiences of puberty. When you got it at school and had nothing clean to wear, Mom was happy to pick you up or drop off some fresh clothes. Or, if your mother worked (as mine did) and couldn’t do either of those things, she at least listened to you talk about it later on and helped come up with a plan B going forward. Because that’s how moms roll!

4. She organized your playdates

When I want to hang out with my friends, all I have to do is shoot over a text or Facebook chat to set something up. It’s easy now, but moms have to jump through a ton of hoops to set up social activities for their kids, and by a ton of hoops, I mean contacting the parent of the child to coordinate a playdate. Don’t underestimate how much of a nuisance this might feel like to busy moms, so your own mother was sweet for always making those phone calls when you wanted to hit up a McDonald’s Play Place with your best friend from kindergarten.

3. She remembers your birthday

Even as you age and birthdays don’t matter as much, a mother never forgets. I mean, who could forget the pain of labor?!

2. She confronted your harasser’s parents back in the day

Similar to most kids, I was bullied a fair amount in school, but thankfully I had both my parents to stand up for me when teachers and the parents of my harassers got involved. I eventually had to learn to fight my own battles, but having that extra support from my mom made me feel protected and loved.

1. She doesn’t even want to be cool

She just wants to be there for you, and that is very cool.

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