10 Reasons to Break Up with Your Makeup

Over the past month, there has been a trend to post no makeup selfies on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This trend originally started as a cancer awareness campaign and since then, celebs and models have joined in (ahem–even though many of them are still wearing false eyelashes and liner in their photos.)

For some reason, people love to see celebs without their makeup. Meanwhile, many people choose not to wear makeup all the time. I don’t think it’s a big deal either way. I wear some sort of makeup most days of the week even though I don’t really know how to apply it. You know, I like makeup, I just don’t know if it likes me back. So what if makeup went away forever? GASP, I know, but it might not be all that bad. Here are your top 10 reasons to breakup with your makeup.

1. It’s expensive

Everytime I go to buy new makeup (even the cheap stuff) I end up spending between $40-75 dollars. With a makeup free face, I could do so many things with that money back in my pocket. Most cosmetics are so incredibly marked up in price. People tend to choose makeup based on the brand, even though chemically a $40 mascara may be the exact same has a $7 tube from the drugstore. You know what’s even better than $7 mascara? No mascara.

2. It would save time

In a makeup free world, you would get 6 minutes back in your morning routine, maybe even more if you’re the type who knows how to do a smokey eye, which I can only imagine can take 10 minutes alone per eye. That’s a lot of time. You could use that time to sleep more, eat a balanced breakfast, or do this 5 minute abs workout.

3. Mascara is annoying

It wouldn’t be so bad if it went away. It gets clumpy, pulls out your lashes, it runs down your face, it smudges at the last second just when you think you’re done doing your makeup, and when you stop being coordinated for just a second it gets in your eye–or maybe I’m the only one who has nearly stabbed myself with a mascara wand. Hopefully not.

4. Just be yourself

Now, I’m not suggesting that you can’t be yourself wearing a bit of makeup. However, I think there is something nice about going au naturel for a bit- especially in the summer to let your skin breathe. All you need is a bit of SPF and a little glow from the sun or maybe a lot of glow if your skin is trying to recover from the polar vortexs this winter. The point is, we could all use at least a bit of a break.

5. Less clean up

There is nothing worse than dropping bronzer or eyeshadow and having the makeup shatter into dust on your clothes, bathroom counter, or rug. If you put water on it, it stains right away and even trying to brush the makeup off dry can be unsuccessful. Not having makeup around would keep things neat- a little relief for that bit of Danny Tanner in us all.

6. Forget the smokey eye

There are so many intimidating makeup applications. Michelle Phan makes it look so easy, but I still don’t get it. You know, I use to go to makeup counters at the mall and just tell people that I didn’t know how to do smokey eye. You’d be surprised the kind of reaction that got, I mean people honestly felt bad for me. So much so, that pretty soon they had done my entire face for free. In a makeup free world, there is no need to worry about applying eyeliner with a shaky hand.


7. No need to worry about makeup expiring

While we all keep our makeup for too long, we’re really supposed to toss products long before we do. For example, mascara should be thrown away every 2 or 3 months. Without makeup, there is no need to worry about looking like Pink Eyed Pete on account of some old makeup.

8. Lipstick on your teeth – not on my watch

Without makeup, we will forever avoid two awkward moments. Having lipstick on our teeth and having to tell someone they have lipstick on their teeth – I honestly don’t know which is worse. You never want to be that person who makes a big toothy grin with a smear of pink or red across their teeth, but I also don’t always feel like telling people that they have some on their teeth. I know I should, it’s just sensitive. However, if you’re Miss Geist from Clueless, it’s kind of endearing.

9. Treat yo skin

Not wearing makeup, doesn’t mean we can’t pamper our skin once in a while. Why not use the extra time and money for a spa treatment once in a while or a DIY mud mask. There are so many great things you can do for your skin to moisturize or exfoliate and give your skin a glow without any makeup involved.

10. Equality in Panem

Without makeup, it will be impossible for the people of the Capitol to make citizens of other districts feel inferior for their lack of cosmetic enhancements. They will no longer be able to hide behind their glitter and dyed hair and purple shadow. The people of the Capitol will simply be known for their corrupt ways and shallow dispositions and with their weaknesses exposed, they will no longer be able to subject their citizens to The Hunger Games. Well, probably not. But that’s just a theory..  Images via , , , , sheknows.com,

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