10 Reasons ‘About A Boy’ Will Be Your New Favorite Show

It seems strange, to openly and whole-heartedly trust another person with your emotions when you’ve never met or spoken with them, but here I am. Once again ready to open myself up to a brand new story, delivered by the character-genius himself, Jason Katims. If you’re not familiar with the name – Jason Katims is best known for his work on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. He has been director, executive producer, and writer on both.

And his latest project is certainly one to get excited about. He’s the creator and executive producer for About a Boy, NBC’s newest sitcom (premiering TONIGHT at 9pm!) adapted from the incredible novel by Nick Hornby. When I learned that Jason Katims was the man behind the curtain, I was immediately psyched. Then I took to the interwebs and found out more. Then I was even more psyched. Here are 10 reasons why this will not only be my new favorite show, but probably yours too.

1. Nick Hornby knows how to tell a story

I mean….. High Fidelity, How to Be Good, An Education? If he penned it, I’ll read/watch/forever cherish it.

2. Jon Favreau is directing the pilot

Elf, Iron Man, The Avengers, and last but certainly not least, he nailed the role of Pete Becker on Friends. He adored Monica, and he made us adore him.

3. Created by Jason Katims

I know I said it earlier but it’s worth reiterating because of FNL and PARENTHOOD, you guys! If you’ve ever seen an episode of either, you felt everything the characters were feeling. You were there. You cried tears of joy while drinking a beer and contemplating a “Texas Forever” tattoo. You wept when Kristina Braverman courageously battled breast cancer.

“Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.”

Speaking of…..

4. Potential for familiar Parenthood/FNL faces

They find the actors they love to work with and they use them on multiple shows. It works for them and it’s magnificent for us. Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelly, Matt Lauria, and Jurnee Smollett-Bell were all main characters on FNL and have since had significant guests spots on Parenthood.

Also, David Walton (who plays Will) randomly popped up in an episode of Parenthood last month, so they’ve already planted the seed for a crossover.

And OMG – have you seen the Parenthood/FNL crossover web series? It’s everything you could ever want…and more.

5.. Minnie Driver is a goddess

She plays Fiona, a spiritual, vegan, single mom that’s going through a tough transition in life and her son, Marcus is her saving grace. She has no interest in getting to know her playboy neighbor, Will, until he and Marcus start spending time together. 

6. David Walton is an adorable man

David has this tall-suave-amazing-hair thing about him, but can also easily tap into the emotionally immature kid-version of himself. He’s accessible, funny, and pretty wonderful to look at.

He plays Will, the laid-back neighbor with tons of free time and a love for the ladies. He’s a musician (former band is called Sriracha – how rad is that?), and Will and Marcus develop an unexpected friendship.

7. I want to be besties with Benjamin Stockham

Benjamin is a hilarious actor and I have no doubt he can play the quirky outcast (Marcus) in About a Boy. Marcus has an incredible cardigan collection from what I can tell, and his main priority is putting a smile on his mother’s face. Heart – melted.

8. You WILL laugh

Not just when Markus and Will are palling around – although the way they so easily banter despite their age difference is comedy gold. But the dynamic between Will and Fiona is great as well. Fiona is a free-spirit, but extremely rigid when it relates to Markus. Will is only uptight when something seems to get in the way of his asiago-bagel-eating or getting-laid time.

9. And probably cry

This is a sitcom, so it’ll be happy tears, most likely. But powerful feels are definitely a guarantee.

10. Hugh Grant is not involved

I know he’s charming and adorable to most of the world’s population, but I never really understood the obsession. Now, David Walton, yeah. He’s the perfect choice for this role. And any role, really.

Bonus: Everyone could use 22 extra minutes of pure joy each week.

You know I’m right. Seriously, this show will be good for your soul. Tune in at 9pm on 2/25 (TONIGHT!) and enjoy!

Are you excited for this show? Let me know in the comments!