These are 10 puns only “Harry Potter” fans will love

Is there anything better than a good (or bad — scratch that, especially a bad) pun? Actually, yes. And that is a Harry Potter pun. On a scale from one to riddikulus, Harry Potter puns are Siriusly the best thing ever to happen to us. Although we Gryffin-adore a well-thought-out joke or funny story, there’s just something so simple and ~magical~ about puns that tickles us in the way that nothing else does. So if you have equally poor (and by poor, we mean excellent) taste in comedy, below are ten of our favorite Harry Potter puns. You’re going to love them good.

1. Obviously, we’ve got to open with one of the most legendary Tumblr posts of all time, these great plays on Snape’s most famous line.


2. This hilarious play on words/objects.

3. This pun on Sirius’ name that siriusly NEVER gets old.

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4. Our fav singer, Lorde Voldemort.


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6. The perfect coffee mug for any Potterhead.

7. This amazing pun that got picked up by THE QUEEN HERSELF.

8. This entirely accurate pun. Like, we’d date a keeper. Literally any keeper please take us to a Quidditch match and no that’s not a euphemism, THANKS.

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9. The flip-side of the actor who portrayed Harry in the movies…

10. And of course, the always perfect Harry Potter pick-up lines, guaranteed to charm whomever you use them on.

We solemnly swear, we could go on forever.

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