10 plant based meals that actually look totally delicious *and* filling

No matter why you’re choosing to add more fruits and veggies to your diet, it can be pretty difficult to find recipes that are both delicious, and filling. Whether you’re on the search for a filling salad dinner recipe (and, we know, finding a fresh and filling salad recipe is no easy task!) or want to side-step the salad completely and head right for the plant based pizza, we’ve got you covered with this list of some of our favorite plant based meals.

1. We didn’t even know that sweet potato zucchini patties are a thing, but we dig it, especially alongside super healthy brussels sprouts, kidney beans and coconut-turmeric millet.

2. This veggie korma with purple sweet potatoes is filled with spices and sauce, making it one of the top plant based meals for winter!

3. These berry and chocolate pancakes are a weekend morning essential

4.This stuffed yellow zucchini, sugar snaps, avocado, white beans and peas mixed with pomegranate and corn is such a colorful plate.

5. This seven-ingredient, four step fall pasta dish features lemon zest, red pepper, garlic, and kale, making it a flavorful must try!

6. This crispy brussels sprout pizza with goat cheese and balsamic reduction is heavenly

7. This rice pudding made with pomegranate and blueberry topping is a perfectly healthy treat.


8. This quinoa, brussels sprouts, baked beans, zucchini noodles and avocado bowl is ~peak~ bowl dinner!


9. This sweet and spicy plant based curry is so, so yummy

10. This oatmeal topped with berries, cashews, pumpkin seed butter is oatmeal spiced up in a way we’ve honestly never seen before, but definitely wanna try!

We hope you totally adore these plant based meals! Here’s to eating healthy without being hungry like, five minutes later.

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