10 throwback pictures of Hillary Clinton that will make you melt

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton celebrates her 69th birthday today, and we’d like to say: Happy Birthday, HRC!  And what better way to celebrate than reveling in some Hillary Clinton throwback pics? (Well, maybe by seeing an Adele concert last night in Miami like she did. But what better second way?). We look up to Hillary Clinton so much for being an incredible inspiration to women everywhere, and these 10 incredible photos celebrate this brilliant, trailblazing lady.

1. Hillary Clinton embodies girl power in the most fabulous way.

2. We all felt like this young schoolgirl Hillary at some point, and she makes us feel like we can do anything.

3. Hillary Clinton has been passionate and inspiring since her earliest days.


4. Hillary has a fabulous sense of humor and an awesome laugh.

5. Scandals aside for a moment, she and Bill can be pretty adorable together.

6. Children will never cease to delight Hillary in the sweetest way. 

7. Hillary knows how to be cool and collected under the most intense pressure.

8. Nobody rocks a pantsuit quite like HRC.

9. Hillary has accomplished so much in so many fields! (Yeah, that’s a Grammy she won)

10. Hillary takes a great selfie!

Happy Birthday, Hillary!


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We’re with her!

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